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BA Gold for life

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BA Gold for life

Not sure if anyone's posted this before.

Just noticed today when I logged into my BA account that it now seems to accumulate all tier points since you joined BAEC (in addition to the regular one that resets every year)

It appears that if you accumulate 35,000 TP's, you are awarded gold status for life (or at least until you leave the club, but don't see why you would)


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1. Re: BA Gold for life

I saw the email and it shows on my account too. Good idea and at an attainable level for the more serious traveller without it being too sky high.

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2. Re: BA Gold for life

It's doable, but they have set the bar quite high.

You have to pretty much hit gold every year for thirty years to get it.

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3. Re: BA Gold for life

IMO the bar should be high, it should be something that even pretty regular travellers (those in the 5000 tier point p.a. levels) should take a few years to achieve and give them an incentive to carry on flying BA once they've hit all the regular goals one can in their membership year (which is at 6000 tier points).

I found a thread on Flyertalk that suggested there is Gold Guest List for Life at 100,000 tier points! Whilst lifetime Gold is something I can certainly attain, and probably in my 30s, I doubt I'll come anywhere close to Gold Guest List for life!

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4. Re: BA Gold for life

I agree that it should be high. I reckon that I average around 1000-1500 per year, but am a long way off 35000!

BA say that they will be giving rewards based on lifetime TPs in the future. I'll be interested to see what they offer.

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5. Re: BA Gold for life

This sounds similar to the Million Miler programs offered by US carriers.

In United, in order to get lifetime 1K (UA's equivalent of Gold) you have to fly 3 million butt in seat miles on United/United Express only**. That's also a multi decade task for most people. I'm at one million miler with UA (8 year's continuous flying) and that gets me lifetime premier gold (equivalent to BA Silver).

(**- It was reset one time in March 2012 so that all elite qualifying miles counted towards million miler, to align with pre-merger Continental's system, but going forward it BIS miles on United/UX only)

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6. Re: BA Gold for life


I got the email from BA, looks like I could get lifetime gold, when I'm about 200 LOL


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7. Re: BA Gold for life

The good thing about BA Gold for life is they are counting all Oneworld tier points,not just flights on BA.

35000 is not to bad under the circumstances.

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8. Re: BA Gold for life

I quite like this idea.

I also like the fact that they are including all Avios points, not just BA as I do quite a lot of miles on CX and AA.

With my historic points and average earnings to date, I think it should take me about another 16 years to hit Gold for life, I'll be in my mid-40s but that will mean me hitting Gold every year between now and then anyway so at that stage the perk won't be that big a deal.

And goodness knows if Avios will still be around in another 16 years!

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9. Re: BA Gold for life

QF have also been offering this for a while.

7,000 status credits equals Silver lifetime membership

14,000 status credits equals Gold lifetime (SappireOne World) membership.

It's achievable but not easy as it should be for frequent travelers and I think the concept is a nice reward and recognition !

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10. Re: BA Gold for life

Congratulations to all ;-)))

Kind regards