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EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

Dahab, Egypt
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EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

Today 10/09/2013 2.20 pm Egyptian time my husband was supposed to take a plane from Cairo to Istanbul. Flight number MS735 (L)/

In Istanbul he was supposed to make transit stop and take next plane to Ercan airport at Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

But at the Cairo Internatiol Airport on the check-in desk airline employee didn't make the regitration. They said that my husband, Egyptian citizen needs visa to enter Turkish Rebulic of Northern Cyprus.

We know that by the law of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Egyptian citizens DO NOT need visa to enter the country. We've check this information before trip!

So, because of the negligence and incompetence of employee my husbad misses the flight, lost his ticket and money. Also it had great emotional cost!

So we would to ask EgyptAir to change the date of flights and provide the flights without any additional charges from Cairo to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Ercan.

The flight from Cairo to Istanbul was provided by EgyptAir.

Flight from Istanbul was provided by Turkish Airlines.

Please, if anyone have any good ideas for us or can help, we will be happy to hear from you!

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Cookham Dean...
Destination Expert
for Prague, Bohemia
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1. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!


is this advice wrong? Did you husband obtain Turkish visa?

Dahab, Egypt
posts: 7
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2. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

He do not need turkish visa, bcoz he wasn't suppose to leave the airport. He was sopposed to be in trabsit area. My post about visa for him is old. We find ut info that he doesn't need visa. And Egyptair wasn't asking for turkish visa. They was asking for Northern Cyprus visa. And he dont need to.

Chicago, Illinois
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3. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

I am not an expert on this topic, but on the Ercan International Airport web site it says: "The citizens of European Union (EU) nations, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand do not require visa.

All other nationals should check their position with regard to passports and visas with the nearest Embassy or Office of Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus."


I recommend contacting a TRNC representative office and finding out the true situation regarding visa requirements.

Leyland, United...
Destination Expert
for Playa Blanca
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4. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

Not sure how the post is old Olga. It was less than a month ago, and the question seems to have been about the same flight route!

Portland, Oregon
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5. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

If you can prove that no visa was necessary, you could put in a claim with your credit card bank, and they should be able to handle the matter (this is one of the safety features of credit) and credit your account for the amount of the fare lost.

Portland, Oregon
Destination Expert
for Air Travel
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6. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!


We're your husbands flights CAI-IST-ECN on one through ticket, or were they on separate tickets?

If they were separate tickets then the EgyptAir staff would be checking for his entry clearance to Turkey (final destination on that ticket and the subject of your original inquiry linked to in #1). Your husband may have misheard what the airline staff said, or equally the airline may have poorly explained it, and possibly misquoted TRNC instead of Turkey when the visa issue came to light.

Note that for entry clearance checks, airlines use an IATA database for guidance (it's called TIMATIC). I checked TIMATIC in respect of your husband's itinerary, but it has no entry for TRNC as a destination country. As it's not a recognized country IATA does not officially recognize ECN as an international airport (save for keeping its airport code registered as such), which is why all flights have to go via Turkey. That could also have been the source of confusion here.

London, United...
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7. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

The key question is as usbt said. Was this one ticket with a connecting flight via Istanbul or was this two separate tickets. If two tickets, the. Egypt air would only have been looking at the first leg with them and the need for the ops husband to enter turkey, and as such their guidance on visa would have been accurate from their perspective. If one ticket with Egypt air and just staying in transit, the. The advice was incorrect.

As such, the op needs to provide further detail on the ticket (s) purchased.

Dahab, Egypt
posts: 7
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8. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

Dear all!

Thanks for all your answers!

Bceause a lot of people cares i would like to clarify the situation.

The flight was by 2 different airlines - Egypt Air Cairo-Istanbul and Turkish Airline Istanbul - Ercan.

Befor trip we check ALL information. There is agreement between Egyptair and Turkish Airlines, so Egyptair can registrate luggage till final destination. So my husband didn't need to leave transin zone at Istanbul airport and didn't need visa. Also i called Migration Service here at Northern Cyprus and they told me that citizens of Egypt do not need visa to enter Northern Cyprus. But on check-in he was asked for Northern Cyprus visa, not turkish. Also they refuse to contact Ercan Airport Migration Service to check visa requirements.

So now i really don't know what we have to do... Get new tickets? Loose all money, time... i am not talk about emotions....

Dahab, Egypt
posts: 7
reviews: 1
9. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

Not so old, you right. But since than we checked ALL necessary info.

Cookham Dean...
Destination Expert
for Prague, Bohemia
posts: 20,305
10. Re: EGYPT AIR incompetence!!!

So did Egypt air check your husband's luggage all the way to Northern Cyprus or only to Istanbul? If only to Istanbul then refer to froggy's post.,,,he would have had to enter Turkey, and he did not have Turkish visa.

So Egypt air was right to refuse carriage.

Edited: 1:15 pm, September 11, 2013
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