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Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

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Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

Hello all,

I'm shortly due to fly with Ryanair for a week's holiday in Italy. I have a few questions about cabin luggage allowances.

I intend to use a backpack (rucksack) as my cabin baggage, I've measured the bag and it's well within the weight limit and height and length dimensions, however, the sticking point is the depth. Ryanair allow 20cm. My bag bulges past this at a certain point. Would it be acceptable to wrap a belt around my bag as to 'beat the bulge'?

Secondly, I have a pair of cargo/combat trousers with rather generous pockets. Is it OK to stuff as many items of clothing/misc items in there as possible?


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1. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

I can't answer your first question but would guess it's a "yes" as long as the item, with its belt on, fits in the gauge.

As for the second question... I once had someone in front of me in the security line who was doing what you are proposing to do. It took him several minutes to empty his pockets, causing our queue to come to a complete standstill. So... for the sake of those behind you II would say: Please don't.

If you want to carry stuff in your pockets then please use a garment that you can take off for security, such as a jacket or a vest.

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2. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?


Who takes off a vest at security? Surely that would leave you naked to the waist down.


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3. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

You could also do this


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4. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

Jackie, the OP is asking about wearing clothes on Ryanair, implication being that it's optional, and OK to go naked! (It's a wonder Ryanair hasn't introduced extra costs based on number of garments worn...)

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5. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

"Vest" is the USA word for waistcoat.

Didn't realise Aviatrix is from "across the water".....

Thought she is an Essex Girl...

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6. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?


A friend of mine travelled with so much extra baggage the other day and apart from stuffing pockets and wearing extra layers she had a couple of tops stuffed into the hood of her jacket and a packet of tea bags. She got away with it.


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7. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

""Vest" is the USA word for waistcoat."

Yeah, our language gets in our way some times. In the US, a waistcoat is something that people haven't worn since the 18th century :-)

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8. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

Get a Scottevest. It's a jacket or vest with all kinds of pockets to hold stuff.


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9. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?


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10. Re: Flying Ryanair - wearing clothes?

the belt thing is a good idea , i use luggage straps i got a twinpack from poundland as ryanair have a habit of checking the bags