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bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

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bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

I have read that people booked with Alamo get a choice of car in the catogery they have booked, can anyone tell if its the same with Avis booked through ba?

I have booked a compact, ford focus or simikar it ssys, is the car im likely to get or is there a choicd?

Thanks for any help

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1. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

Usually you would not know which car you get until you check-in. But sometimes agents can let you decide or you can pay extra to get upgraded.

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2. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

Rental car locations tend to have one model car for each class they offer. You may have some choices as to color.

Most of the rental companies list the model choices as "Model XYZ or similar". That is just to legally cover them in case the fleets vary from year to year and you end up with last year's model or next year's model which might be different than the website shows for this year.

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3. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

we book with Avis -for our Tampa trips- always book a compact- never been given a choice when we arrive -just told that our car is in bay B23 or similar

sometimes we get a small car -sometimes given a big car-just pot luck

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4. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

When ever I rent a car, which is frequently, I just get told the bay where my car is waiting.

Also consider that in the US there are lots of car models which we don't have in the UK, so you may be offered a choice of two cars you have never heard of.

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5. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

Barbexpat do you think the compact will fit 2 adults and 2 kids aged 112 and 12 with luggage ok?

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6. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

as I said -the car you are given varies -once our compact was just 2 door -tiny boot- and our luggage had to go on back seat

luckily only 2 of us in the car

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7. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

got a chortle out of this--you have a 112 yr old child? hahaha--typos can be funny

I haven't seen a rental compact 2-door in years--economy, yes. If you don't have 2 suitcases each, you should fit, but even w/2 kids, place 1-2 bags between them--they are teens, after all, and probably bicker frequently when tired from long flight!

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8. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

Think you might need to go up one class to midsize as 2 adults and 11 and 12 year old kids plus luggage won't leave any room to swing a cat plus additional weight, auto box and power being lower than equivalent European models due to stricter emission controls it may feel a bit asthmatic

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9. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

Agree that I have not seen 2 door compact cars lately, don't think you have to worry about that. The car likely OK for the 4 passengers, just not sure how much luggage you are bringing. Certainly not 4 full suitcases.

You can always wait til then to see what you get, sometimes a free upgrade if they run out of the compacts, or are just being nice. Or pay surcharge for upgrade.

Or book midsize now and eliminate the guess work. BTW, the car supplies are plentiful in Florida (guessing you are heading to Disneyworld. ) You could also do priceline on midsize car for economy price and see if they take it. The good news is that our gas price is about 3.50/gallon right now, not so bad.

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10. Re: bokked with ba to tampa- choice of car

It depends on the luggage you are bringing. The smallest car size that lists being able to carry 4 bags is the intermediate. I think this is probably true. I have a Toyota Corolla and that used to be a compact car at rental places, but now it is an intermediate (I have a wagon, so luggage room is not an issue in my own car, but they don't make Corolla wagons any more for the US market, so you won't get one). I find that trunks/boots are getting smaller than they used to be. I expect you will be able to fit the people fine but may have luggage issues as Avis lists 1 large and 2 small bags as fitting in the Focus. I coudn't find how they are defining large and small though.