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UK-OZ stop overs

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UK-OZ stop overs

I've read previous threads and searched the net but being stuck out in the wilds can't just pop into a shop and ask so would be really grateful for some helpful hints.

If you do a stop over and get a night in a hotel does it cost a lot more or are there some inclusive packages?

I knew someone who had a stop over in Singapore and had accommodation & 1 day tour included.I'd love to see Singapore or Hong kong. Do they still do that? Again is that a lot more?

In the past I've done this flight straight through but its a) not as roomy now I understand and b) I've got older and more jaded with flights.

Any suggestions welcome.

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1. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Singapore Airlines offer a 'Singapore Stopover Holiday'. It is quite good value.


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2. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Thanks ILuv, that looks like a great answer for what I would like. Seems a very reasonable add on.

Time to come back your way and won't be met by friends this time so would like to reduce jet lag if poss

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3. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Singapore is a fantastic city for a stopover. I'm having five days in Singapore next week - can't wait!

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4. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Been wanting to see it, love the people and I promised a friend of mine who was in the army there and now passed away that I would go to Raffles and raise a glass to him.

Mind I would love to see HK too. So many places so little money!

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5. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Well if you want to see Hong Kong too you could stop in Singapore one way and HK the other. I usually try to stop over both ways and I rarely choose the same city.

Personally I prefer Bangkok but KL and Dubai are good too. So many options so little time!!

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6. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Other possibilities are Korea (flying Korean or Asiana), Japan (flying one of the Japanese airlines) and China (via Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou).

I actually did fly Korean to UK last year, and Seoul is a great city with a surprisingly low profile in tourism. You can get one free night of accomodation in Seoul if the airline does not have an immediate connecting flight. But if you use this option you won't actually see Seoul. So I stayed 3 nights and I was happy to pay.

In the case of China you can actually stay visa free for 3 days (I think) in Shanghai or Guangzhou if you use those places as stop overs. (I am not sure about Beijing). Normally most nationalities need a visa to visit China, but the visa free deal is a good one.

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7. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

I suggest you contact Trailfinders, a very well regarded third party (one of the few) who will know all the deals and options. Might be possible to stopover in Singapore one direction, Hong Kong the other for example.,

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8. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

You can do a 'multiple flight/stopover option' on whatever airline you fancy going with.You can then break the journey up with as many nights as you wish in iether or both directions.Bare in mind , the airlines generally only stop in one city , so it will be Singapore in both directions.You can then use a hotel booking site ,or direct with hotel to get cost of stay.Factor in taxis to/from airport and you have your basic costings.We have done this twice, once in singapore and last time hongkong, totally enjoyed both cities and would recommend either to you.hope this helps you planning your trip.

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9. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

Singapore makes good sense for a stopover. The city is close to the airport, everything works reliably and efficiently. Changi Airport is one of the best in the world.

The only downside is the cost, Singapore is an expensive destination.

Would agree, Trailfinders are a good source of information.

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10. Re: UK-OZ stop overs

The problem with stopovers both ways you need to book with alliances where the airlines have rights to sell directly to the stop city in the direction(s) you want to take the Stopover.

for example

When I booked my flight through Qantas from MEL to PARIS via SING and Rome to MEL via HK I could only stop over in SING on the outbound from Australia, I would not be able to do the stopover in HK on the inbound from the Rome.

QF had the rights to sell from OZ to HK and OZ to SING but not ROME to HK but they can sell Rome to MEL via HK.

Also, even though I flew to HK from Rome with Cathay, I purchased the seat from Qantas so wasn't allowed the stopover, only transit at the airport waiting for the QF flight to MEL.

That is where travel agents come in handy