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Easyjet hand luggage policy

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Easyjet hand luggage policy

Hi all.

I was wondering if anybody had experience of Easyjets new hand luggage policy?

I work as a photographer, so whenever I fly for work I am carrying several thousand pounds worth of gear with me. I have a camera bag specifically designed to meet the hand luggage standard, and have used it several times with Easyjet in the past. Sometimes they don't even ask to measure it!

However, it is now too big to be guarenteed to go into the cabin. I don't really want to put it in the hold, but of course I can understand I'm not a special case compared to anybody else.

What I wanted to know is what the procedure for putting cabin bags in the hold is? Is it done at the bag drop, or in the queue for boarding? I'd be happier if I can keep an eye on it until the last minute! Then can you get it back at the get or do you have to wait at the baggage reclaim?

Finally has anybody refused to put their bag in the hold and had any bother?

Thanks for your help!

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1. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

I am flying with then tomorrow,I will have a bag that's just too big to be guaranteed to go in the cabin so will see what happens and will let you know when I return (late sunday night). I think it may depend on the airport but would think they would ask you at the gate to put it in the hold and the gate staff will do that.

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2. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

It couldn't be done at the bag drop point as anyone flying with hand baggage only doesn't go anywhere near there, so the staff don't know how much hand baggage there is overall. It can only be assessed while people are queued up at the gate, or at the point of boarding. I've seen cabin crew on other airlines make the decision once the have seen how full the lockers were getting.

If you book a Flexi ticket, an up-front or extra legroom seat, or have an Easyjet Plus card they guarantee you will get your bag in the cabin (assuming it doesn't exceed the 56x45x25cm) as long as you are at the gate in time to join the Speedy Boarding queue.

Logically if you are at the front of the normal boarding queue you ought to be fine as well..

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3. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

They seem to indicate on their website that you limit the risk of being asked to check your bag if you arrive early at the gate.


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4. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

Should've gone for an extra leg room seat! Perhaps that is the way to go in future, although I don't really need it....

AndyW33, good point about people with no hold luggage not going near the bag drop!

I can just about squeeze everything into a smaller bag, pus coat pockets etc., but it is difficult to carry. Perhaps I will risk it this time and see what happens. The camera bag is pretty well padded, and I can just take my laptop out.

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5. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

Try the Up Front seat then, Mike H. Cheaper than extra legroom, same benefits with hand baggage priority.

That's what I'm doing on my next Easyjet flight.

Erith, Kent
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6. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

My standard size hand luggage for EJ has a dodgy handle so decided to get new and get the smaller size. Couldn't find anything that was exactly 50x40x20cm and ended up getting another one at the larger size. Have emailed EJ and Facebooked them because realised when we got home the label says the full size is 56.5cm long although the other dimensions are smaller! When OH measured with a steel ruler it was only 55.5cm! Totally confused and hoping that EJ will let me take it on board without putting it into the hold. We're flying this Saturday on the 1st flight of the day so hopefully we will be able to keep it with us as no response from them yet!

I do have my CPAP machine bag with me too (allowed) and if I need to I can decant important things into that before the other case gets put inthe hold. Next flight will look at getting Up Front seats!

Edinburgh, United...
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7. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

If you are asked to fit it in the luggage cage and it won't fit you will be asked to pay the appropriate fee, guaranteed. Asking on FB or elsewhere in advance won't make a difference. It also doesn't matter that the other sides are smaller than the allowed dimensions.

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8. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

I fly EJ every week. If the fight is full and they tag your bag to go in the hold, you will keep the bag with you until you board the plane, when you leave it at the bottom of the aircraft steps. Unfortunately, when you disembark you will have to wait for normal baggage reclaim to collect it.

If the gate staff think they will need to put some bags in the hold they will firstly ask for volunteers and often get enough bags that way. Being at the front of the normal boarding queue may or may not work. If they don't get enough volunteers, sometimes they will just pick the last 10 bags for example, or they will just go down the queue and pick out any larger bags.

If you want to guarantee your bags will stay with you, I suggest logging onto your booking and adding Speedy Boarding, which you can do at any time.

Leyland, United...
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9. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

<<If you want to guarantee your bags will stay with you, I suggest logging onto your booking and adding Speedy Boarding, which you can do at any time.>>

Not any more. It's no longer available as a stand alone option. It is only available to people who have a Flexi ticket, are an easyJet Plus cardholder, or have paid to select either an Up Front or Extra Legroom seats.

Bingley, United...
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10. Re: Easyjet hand luggage policy

Re OP, like every other airline Easyjet has had the right to check all hand luggage - so it has always been possible for your photo equipment to have been checked into the hold

Therefore you really need to think about how you would handle a gate check as inevitably it will happen