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British Airways' disappointing service

Sydney, New South...
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British Airways' disappointing service

I used BA for my overseas travel (4 legs) for the first time, flying to London via Singapore, then back to Bangkok from Zagreb. I have never experienced worse service, staff attitude and food. On couple of occasions, they lack food, leaving you with only 1 option, staff was talking back to customers every time in raised voices, quality of food is extremely poor (too spicy or too salty, overdone veggies etc). Not once their staff walked the floor during the night to offer drinks, water and if they had to walk, it was so quick you could not catch them. I travelled many companies before and never experienced this level of service before. One positive: we landed safely each time.

Edinburgh, United...
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1. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

Sorry you had a bad experience. I've flown BA a lot more than 4 times and aside from running out of food options (which happens fairly regularly on every airline IME) my experiences don't match yours. Passengers can usually help themelves to drinks in the galley, no need to wait for an FA to come by.

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2. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

If I am on an overnight flight I am quite happy to go and get my own water. I usually get up a few times just to stretch my legs anyway.

South Pole
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3. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

The last time I flew BA was in 1973 from Hong Kong to Sydney via Darwin.

There were more crew than pax on the flight and despite that the service was non existent.

Things have obviously not changed much in the interim.


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4. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

I think it's unfair to criticise BA for only being able to offer 1 meal choice to some passengers - they could hardly load up 3 meal choices for each passenger just to make sure everyone got a choice.

Ayr, Scotland
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5. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

Most of the service I have received on BA flights - have taken 8 flights in the last year - has been excellent.

Sometimes the staff are less friendly or chatty but this is not the norm for me. Aeroplane food is what it is and if I really needed a drink and none was forthcoming, I would go and get it myself.

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Hong Kong, China
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6. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

Well i 'd gotten two cute coke cans without requesting, i think the male cabin crews are pretty friendly albeit a lil feminine whereas the female flight attendants are robotic without a smile

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7. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

Running out of meal choices is pretty standard on most airlines, it happens due to simple logistics. Quality of food is subjective, but airline catering is seldom great, again it's logistics. You can always take your own snacks and it's not a flying restaurant.

Re drinks you get up, go to the galley and get a drink. You also have a call button you can use and then request a drink.

I think the issue is unrealistic expectations of an economy class product, I strongy suspect you don't fly often and as such have also very little to compare it with. BA is a good carrier and a very decent product.

Sydney, New South...
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8. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

From Bangkok to Sydney we flew with Qantas. What a difference: smiley faces, pleasant and smooth service, earphones that work, very tasty food, etc. I am comparing BA with all other companies, Asian, Australian and European included. I travel a lot on international and domestic flights and understand what quality of food and service I can expect in economy class. The bottom line is I'll never fly with BA again because the quality of their service was consistently lower compared to all other service providers I experienced.

Romford, United...
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9. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

I stopped flying BA for 15 years because of accumulative problems in service that never seemed to occur with other airlines-once flew 1st class UK to South Africa and they managed to send all my luggage to South America(got it back 5 days later) as just one incident the put me off

Recently wanted to fly LHR-San Diego(BA is the only direct flight operator) and thought I would let bygones be bygones but it was the worst passenger experience of my life-how can the lose all records of you as a pax after check in and when finally accepted on the aircraft service was appalling

Spent the first few hours on arrival SAN changing my return flight to AA with a stop at DFW just to avoid them now will refuse to fly anywhere that uses BA metal

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10. Re: British Airways' disappointing service

Assuming you were flying economy, i have to agree with froggy that you expectations were unrealistic. While 30 years ago airline travel, in all cabins was luxurious, today, unless you are flying business or first the airline is really a bus with wings.

Food--it IS airline food. It is next to impossible to cook veggies that aren't soggy due to the freezing, reheating that takes place on an aircraft. Spice levels--everyone has different tastes and what pleases one, will displease another, again--it is a mode of transportation, NOT a restaurant with wings.

During the night, I try to sleep--I would be annoyed if there was a noisy drink service going on. It is also important to remember that staffing levels are way down at night. Crew too are resting. It is good and healthy, that if you ARE awake that you walk around and stretch. Today, there is always drink put out in the galley.

Your one positive--you landed safely--THAT is the job of an airline--get you from point A to point B safely--they fulfilled their job and everything else is icing.