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Expedia vs British Airways Booking

Montreal, Canada
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Expedia vs British Airways Booking


I am looking at plane ticket which is multi-city I leave YUL on May 5th and arrive at Heathrow on May 6th (I am flying WT+)

Then I leave Heathrow on May 10th for Beirut. (WT)

On June 16th I leave Beirut for YUL. (From LHR to YUL it's WT+)

All trips are with British Airways however on Expedia this trip costs 1,316.25 and on the British Airways website the ticket costs 1880.50 Can anyone kindly explain why there is such a big difference in price when it's the exact same ticket?

Thank you

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1. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

Expedia will probably (1) give you a fare from which you cannot collect as many frequent flyer miles and (2) give you almost no service if something goes wrong with the schedule.

I'm not sure what WT and WT+ mean so maybe reason (1) above is not a factor.

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Montreal, Canada
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2. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

DarthAnonymous- Thanks for the reply. WT+ is World Traveler Plus and WT is World Traveler

Sydney, Australia
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3. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

Would be interesting to know the booking classes and whether Expedia are in fact giving you the right cabin class tbh.

Vancouver, Canada
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4. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

I've not seen WT+ as an available cabin for bookings at expedia.com, and suspect that that website might have booked into WT for the entire journey. As well, BA flights from LHR to BEY are two cabin service, Club Europe and EuroTraveller, so you won't fly in WT+ on that sector in any event.

expedia.com might have booked the return through JFK (operating on AA in Economy from London and New York to YUL) as well rather than BA148 and BA95 for the return journey.

I'd wait to book for travel in May next year. There is a strong likelihood of reduced fares for travel in May through about mid June; look for those fare reductions from mid March.

Montreal, Canada
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5. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

TravellerPlus-I was thinking of booking my trip in January. I did that last time and I got a pretty good price. (1,161 return flight YUL-LHR). Is march generally a good time to book?

Manchester, United...
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6. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

I've just replicated your itinerary on ba.com and expedia.ca.

The Expedia quote for CA$1316 doesn't indicate anywhere that it is a World Traveller Plus / Premium Economy fare. It shows the booking class as *O* which is discount economy on BA.


Ah! I then asked Expedia to show me Premium Economy fares, and it still spat out the same discount economy fare. This looks very much like an Expedia error.

If you were to book this and take screen shots etc, I don't know whether Expedia would honour the upgrade. Probably not worth the risk.

Premium Economy is still a concept that 3rd party booking agents are getting used to. With your itinerary containing flights without a Premium Economy cabin (Beirut), it probably causes the Expedia booking engine to go a bit nuts.

Montreal, Canada
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7. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

PinkAardvark- Thanks for the reply and helping out! I realized that Expedia wasn't charging for World Traveler Plus so I am guessing it's a technical error on the website. I think it better of just booking through BA

Portland, Oregon
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8. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

Premium Economy (aka WT+) can be a PITA to book from anything other than the airline direct.

I'm having a (sort of) similar issue looking to book EVA Elite class to SE Asia. I can book it direct on EVA's website, but only originating at an EVA gateway, but I don't live at one.

Nobody, not Expedia, Matrix, United (Star partner) nor even my full service travel agent can get a reasonable fare from PDX connecting with EVA for premium economy class. It's either bog standard economy or (close to) business class fares.

So in my case I'm toying with doing the dreaded separate tickets, and working out the contingecy plans B & C to ensure I don't no show and lose a $2,300 onward ticket. If I can work it out I'll save $1800 over what any third parties can get me.

So Georgette, if you can get WT+ directly from BA, go for it. Don't gamble on any third party to get you a premium economy fare. It looks to me like they can't.

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Somerset, UK
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9. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

I would always book directly with the airline unless there is a big saving, which there is in your case. I have often used Expedia without major problems including getting a refund after my flight was rerouted.

However, as others have said, are you sure the two quotes compare?

Montreal, Canada
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10. Re: Expedia vs British Airways Booking

USBusinessTraveler-It took me a lot searching to realize I probably won't get a good fare for WT+, and to just save myself from hassle I will just book directly.

SpineyNorman-I've booked with Expedia before and everything went well. People told me that you risk a lot when booking with a third party site. However when I called Expedia to change my itinerary to come home a day earlier, I was going to be charged around 350$ so I ended up staying the extra day. But I do wonder if I would of had to pay or not had I simply booked directly with British airways.

Also the two quotes don't compare, there must be a technical glitch on the website. Every time I put premium economy, Expedia still displays the price as economy.

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