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Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Newcastle upon...
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Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

My partner and I have been looking into booking this and wonder if anyone has used it recently? It is around £17.49pp and apparently you get snacks, drinks, newspapers etc. It is my birthday when we go away at the end of August and thought we would treat ourselves. What kind of snacks are served (we have an early morning flight - 7.00am) and how many drinks are you limited to? We usually have a few drinks each at the airport and wonder whether it would be worth it compared to what the other airport bars charge?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Somerset, UK
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1. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

I have used it a couple of times on business trips. If I remember, it is a typical Servisair lounge - maybe even a little bit better than the norm. You can have as many drinks as you like providing you don't go over the top. The snacks are crisps, biscuits, nuts, shortbread etc - nothing special. This type of lounge can be a refuge if the departure lounge is busy. Whether it's worth it I don't know. I get free access as a benefit with my credit card but would probably would not pay - but hey if it's a special occasion go for it.

There's more info at:


And a rather shaky video on YouTube.

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2. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

If you were sitting in the departure lounge or a breakfast bar would you pay £17.49 per person on newspapers and snacks/drinks? I'd pay, what, £7 maybe on a bite to eat, a drink and a paper.

If you feel that the additional amounts are worth it to be away from the departure lounge for a bit then you should pay..... Personally for a birthday celebration I'd use the additional money to put towards doing something special in resort.

newcastle upon tyne
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3. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

I like it, a 7am flight & you're asking how many drinks you're limited to :).

At £35 for the two of you, I guess it depends if you think its good value for the money or not. I'm quite happy just to sit in the bar area myself & have a few drinks there

Newcastle upon...
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4. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Thanks for everyones responses, think am just going to book it as at nearly £4 a pint at the airport and we have say 3 maybe 4 each along with food it would probably be worth sitting in the lounge.

Jay - Its my birthday so thats my excuse!! Plus, your hols start at the airport dont they!

Thanks again :)

London, United...
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5. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Have you searched for reviews of the lounge?

I was thinking of using a Gatwick lounge for our holiday in early September - until I read a few reviews about overcrowding, limited choice, bad seating, and hordes of children running around.

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6. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Three or four pints before a 7am flight? I'm all for a glass of bubbles, a Buck's Fizz or a Bloody Mary in the morning but PINTS?

Newcastle upon...
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7. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Hi John,

Yeah i have searched for reviews but they were very brief and couldn't really find any detailed ones. I'm hoping with us having an early flight it may not be that busy in the lounge.

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8. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

Used it many times and its really a very basic lounge, nothing special at all. Very limited snacks crisps /nuts etc, no real food at all, selection of cans/wine/spirits as well as tea/coffee and water. But you pay extra for champagne.

It does get busy at times but I have never not been able to get a seat, not had hords of screaming children running about either. Same view as outside in the terminal

I take a Boots sandwich in with me and always show them what I have at the desk as you are not supposed to bring food in, but Im assuming that relates to burgers and the like.

If you happy to pay £34 and feel you will get that amount in drinks compared to what you would buy outside, thats up to you, but even for my birthday I would not pay it as I feel it offers poor value for money (I have never paid to use this lounge)

Leeds, United...
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9. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

4 pints of larger before a 7am flight is crazy and probably not wise. How do you plan to fit them in so early, in such a short amount of time? . Sure hope you're not on a long haul flight.

England, United...
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10. Re: Newcastle Airport Cheviot Lounge

I could no more drink 4 pints (not even milk!) or any other alcohol at that time in the morning but there are plenty who do and that's their choice.

Seen some basket cases in MAN very early in the morning (as well as other airports) and wondered how they got on the flight

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