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2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Brisbane, Australia
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2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Hi we are flying from Brisbane Australia to Orlando with Virgin Australia with a flight change in LAX? We jump on a Delta (Virgin partner) flight from LAX to Orlando. The worrying thing is we only have 2 hrs in LAX and we have to get off the plane, clear immigration then find our way to terminal 5 from Tom Bradley International terminal.

Now this is put together by Virgin...not us, so one would assume this works...yeah? I'm just stressing because I know how big LAX is. Should I be worried?

South Pole
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1. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

very tight.

TBIT can be a nightmare both from immi and bag wait/customs pov.

at least u will have your boarding passes issued in Brisbane and your bags checked thru. u just need to drop them off after customs at TBIT and then hi-tail it down to T5, go thru security and find your gate.

I would not wait for the shuttle but walk(fast)

if u miss the orlando connection delta will put u on the next available flight ie. the one with spare seats.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

I always aim for a 3 hour window when connecting from an international arrival to a domestic flight to allow for any delays to the first flight and to clear US Immigration etc.

It can be done in less but you'll have to hope your first flight is on time and there are no long queues at US Immigration - assuming this is a single ticket then the airline will get you on the next flight with AVAILABLE seats if you miss the connection.

Melbourne, Australia
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3. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Have you travelled to the US before, my last trip we had 4 hours and all worked fine, but, we knew where we were going at LAX & we were in the first group off the plane from AUS. We also did not waste a minute, as we had to check in and check the bags at delta. Then you will have to do the whole security check thing again, I even had my flip flops on so as not to waste time, can you change your Orlando booking to a later flight? Have you been ticketed all the way through or are the delta flights separate tickets? Hope this may help.

Brisbane, Australia
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4. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

This is a one ticket flight...so it's Virgin's connection not our own.

The worst part is Delta don't have that many flights from LAX to MCO do they? Oh I knew this was trouble!!! Virgin told us our bags are checked through to orlando and we don't need to collect them in LAX...?

We've been before but always got off in LAX we have never had a connection from LAX.

southampton u.k
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5. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

I'm pretty certain you have to get your bags as you enter the US and then drop them straight off again. Been to lax many times from London and it depends which other aircraft land when you do as to how long the que is at immigration. You should be ok.

If its any consolation my wife and I have to clear ohare in 95 minutes to get to Pheonix from London in September. We have booked seats as far up the cabin as we can to give our selves a fighting chance. Can you do that on your flight?

Good luck and enjoy Orlando.

Destination Expert
for Livigno, Lombardy
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6. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Don't worry about it, if you do miss the connecting flight due to the incoming flight being late then Virgin's obliged to put you on the next available flight and if that's not until the next day they will put you up in a hotel and give you meal vouchers so the worse thing that can happen is you will arrive a day later but 2 hours will be enough to connect to your flight, i think the limit is 40 or 50 minutes so you're well inside that.

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Okay I will just have to leave it in the hands of the gods now lol Thanks for your replies and for trying to reassure me, I appreciate that :-)

Unfortnately our seats are the last two rows of the plane as that is where the 2 rows of 2 seats are so we will be one of the last lot off the plane!!! How typical.

South Pole
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8. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

when u get off the flight, 'race' down the concourse.

every passenger u pass will theoretically save u at least 3-4 minutes in the immi queue.

having said that however, I find that no matter what u have to wait for you bags anyway and then there is usually a queue for customs/quarantine.

the bag drop is (well, was last time) to the right as u leave the secure area.

good luck!

edit: try to look on the bright side. your VA flight might arrive early! it happens.

Edited: 6:57 pm, July 12, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
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9. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

Haha lien thank you SO much!!

We are the walk fast type so I can just see us racing through the concourse lol

Our kids are 12 & 9 so they will be able to high tale it with us :)

Fingers crossed for an early arrival!!

Perth, Australia
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10. Re: 2 hrs between flights at LAX....worried

As others have said, if it's all on the one booking, it's Virgin's responsibility to get you to your final destination. Finding T5 is easy, as the terminals at LAX are laid out into a U shape - TBIT is at the bottom end of the "U" so you just head out of the terminal, turn right and walk up towards to T5. You don't have to cross any roads or anything, so it's easy to get there. It's not far either - we landed at T5 (when Virgin's flights were still arriving there) and had a connecting Southwest flight at T1 (which is at the far end on the other side) and were able to easily walk that in around 15 minutes or so (even pushing a luggage trolley!).