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seat reservation on China SOuthern

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seat reservation on China SOuthern

I may regret this but I have made a booking on China Southern AIrlines from Sydney to London and I am trying to make a seat reservation but when I put in the flight number

I keep getting the message "Wrong flight number."

Anyone know how to manage this? Or how I contact China Southern?

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1. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern


I'd contact the carrier..

Did your flight number change since you booked? Its not unheard of for a carrier to change some flight numbers as a part of a larger seaonal or periodic schedule change.. Your flight might be operating just as before-- just with a new number ...

Travel Safe,

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2. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

thanks- I contacted China Southern and they gave me a seat reservation- all good.

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3. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

HI, how did you get on contacting CS? Did you phone or email? I am having excatly the same problem you had! Any help/pointers greatly appreciated!

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4. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

((I may regret this but I have made a booking on China Southern AIrlines from Sydney to London))

If you booked economy, then I suggest you may prove yourself right.

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5. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

+1 vote douglass4!

China Southern are really pushing some advertising at the moment, showing off their on-board entertainment and cabin interiors. But I can't help being cynical and wondering whether the on-board entertainment works! And the majority of other passengers, well, let's hope if the in-flight entertainment works you can actually hear it over the ruckus they make :P

Be sure to come back and tell us about your China Southern experience at the end of your trip!

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6. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

Sooooooo -have either of you actually flown with China Southern?

And do I detect a touch of racism Robol?

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7. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

I flew CS air 2 weeks ago from Sydney to London. It was just like any other international flight. Dull food, but plenty of it. I watched The Great Gatsby on a bigger personal screen than I had last year on Singaporenair. So I recommend it. My flight was full of students going to London so may not have been typical.

Now Air France from Paris to Madrid I would Not recommend.

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8. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

I do not feel that robol was being racist at all. A very simplistic view indeed.

It is common knowledge that the emerging traveller from China is in need of some training in regards to acceptable behaviour in an international setting (including on board their own aircraft).

This is proven by the fact the the Chinese government (only this week) released a 64 page booklet on ettiquette, manners and general courtesy for their citizens wishing to travel overseas. Topics inclusded

-How to queue in an orderly manner

-No to spit the contents of your chest onto the ground

-Eating manners

-personal hygeine

Plus much more.

And yes, i have flown China Southern from CAN-LAX earlier this year. The ongoing commotion within the cabin for the entire flight was quite horrendous indeed with no concern for other travellers. IFE was patchy (probably more than 1/2 not working), and service was robotic. However seats were comfortable, and for the price paid (3/4 the cost of using another carrier), I still do not know if i would retry them.

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9. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

Yep, and I wish the Aussie government issued a similar booklet for Australian travelers. If there are more than two of them together, they tend to be the noisiest and most obnoxious anywhere they go. Except they think it's the sign of being cool. Especially the ones from Coffs Harbour :-)

I have a booking for the last leg of my summer my journey (from Urumqi to Shenzhen) on CZ and when I want to check my trip on their website I got the same "wrong ticket number" message. I have never had serious problems with the airline on many previous trips with them but their online services do indeed need some improvement.

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10. Re: seat reservation on China SOuthern

I have just flown CS from Brisbane to Manchester.My travel agent was able to reserve a requested aisle seat on the first leg to Guangzhou so that part on a CS plane was fine.

The second and third legs on Air France planes were allocated to me so I endured a gruelling 13 hours on the second leg to Paris.The third leg from Paris to Manchester was fine being a smaller plane and plenty of room available anyway.

So being able to request seats all the way through would be terrific .It would save wasting valuable travel time trying to do it later and whats more not being able to do it successfully -so far at least.

The standard of service and condition of planes etc al the usual economy standard.Although on the long Air France leg it was about 10 hours since the first meal was served before we were offered food or drink again.

Generally better than our Virgin Atlantic experiance to UK last year but that's another story.