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Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

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Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Just for a change of pace, I thought I'd report on the experience my mother and daughter just had with Delta (yesterday). They were flying from our regional airport connecting in DTW and on to MHT. Inconveniently, due to a mechanical problem, the plane that was supposed to come from DTW to our airport and then take them back to DTW was significantly delayed (by about 3-4 hours), which of course delayed their flight as there was no plane to fly them on. The flight to MHT was also delayed but not as much, so their estimated (and actual) arrival time into DTW was after their connecting flight was estimated to leave.

Delta rebooked them on a flight out of DTW the next morning before they even left our home airport. In fact, they had them booked on both their original flight and the flight the next AM, just in case they got there in time. (Although my mother did have to speak to 2 people before she got someone who knew how to do that.) They also paid for a hotel in Detroit (I haven't determined which one yet, but DD reported that it was "fancy" and was impressed enough to send me photos of the lobby and elevator via text). This seemed to go quite smoothly when they arrived in DTW, as it did not take them long to get onto the hotel shuttle. Delta also offered to rebook their entire flight for today so they could have come home for the night, but my mother elected to get at least as far as DTW yesterday.

I'm guessing Delta flew a different plane out for their flight to DTW, as it was larger and had a different seat configuration than the original. (DD reported 25 people on a plane that would hold 124.)

This morning they arrived successfully in MHT, so are really only out a half day at their destination plus the time spent at the airport.

It's unfortunate that they were delayed at all, but I thought Delta handled it as well as could be expected. It probably helped that I was checking their flights online so my mother knew to go ask for assistance once it was clear that they would be very unlikely to make their connecting flight. The Delta website seems to be pretty accurate for checking flight status, based on comparing what I saw there with the text updates they were sending me.

I'll add that their original connection time was only 1h 8m in DTW which I didn't really like (I'd prefer 2 hours) but the only other option when I booked was 46 min. It's unclear to me if a 2h connection would have helped or not in this situation though, as both flights were delayed.

Just out of curiosity, have there been more delays in DTW lately? Their flight this am was delayed by an hour too, but I don't know why.

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1. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

It is nice to read positive feedback. Of course your attitude helps, Someone else wouldn't have ranted about how they lost 1/2 day vacation and Delta is terrible.

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2. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Delays happen at every airport every day. There have been a few isolated thunderstorms around DTW the last few days (including one over my house right now), but nothing major. Sometimes you are just unlucky.

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3. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

That's great news, despite the delay, which is a drag. There are some nice hotels near the airport--my fave is Sheraton on Merriman. Sounds like they made the most of their extra time.

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4. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

I think Delta does a god job with these types of problems. If something happens and it appears we might have a tight connection they always have a back-up. Last December we were four hours late leaving Europe. When we arrived at JFK (having already missed our connecting flight) Delta had a table set up with new boarding passes for every passenger who had connecting flights. They also had lots of staff to help people through customs and immigration and on to their next flight. I was very impressed.

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5. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Good to get news of a positive experience so thanks for posting.

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6. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Doubtful that Delta will "fess" up to the real reason.

An hour delay is very reasonable for Delta or even most airlines.

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7. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

SavantIII_11, is there any reason why you're dragging up all these old threads on Delta?

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8. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Yeah - whats with that?

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9. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

From Centerville Ohio. Close enough to Cincinnati, where Delta has drastically reduced flights...and jobs. So...former employee is my guess.

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10. Re: Delta delay inconvenient but handled well

Centerville, with normal traffic, is 1 1/2 hour drive to the airport, which is in Kentucky. I sure wouldn't live up there and work down here. No clue what's with Savant today--many threads answered and necroposted. Several inane comments but no substance. Hot and bored in Centerville? 60+ today--nearly all their posts in just a few days.

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