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question on delta connection?

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question on delta connection?

Were flying to venice italy on delta connecting in JFK im worried about my luggage getting lost really dont want that to happen. How bad is delta when it comes to loosing luggage??

Also would it have been better for us to connect in europe versus in the us?

We do have q couple hours between connection not sure if that would give them enough time to get our luggage on the right flight

South Pole
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1. Re: question on delta connection?

as a % of total baggage carried loss is very low.

delta would be no worse than other majors.

and it really doesn't matter in most cases were the baggage transfer occurs.

I have never had problems with short connection times (30 mins in MUC; 40 mins in DEN) as far as bags are concerned.

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2. Re: question on delta connection?

It doesn't matter where you connect in terms of luggage.

Luggage is not handled by the airline but by airport employees sooo with a couple of hours they'll have plenty of time. BTW it IS possible to go to Europe on Delta with only carry on. I do it all the time!

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3. Re: question on delta connection?

I would LOVE to go with just a carry on but i have no idea how to pack ill be gone for two weeks plus all my toiletries

Brooklyn, NY
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4. Re: question on delta connection?

I've done three weeks with a carry-on. Put your toiletries in travel bottles and plan your outfits so you can rewear things.

Milford, Ohio
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5. Re: question on delta connection?

Stop worrying.... you can't control it! Delta is no worse than any other airline as far as lost luggage. I've connected in SLC with only 35 minutes and my luggage has made the trip.

Portland, Oregon
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6. Re: question on delta connection?

Don't worry. A tiny fraction of a percent of all bags go missing and if yours did there's nothing you'll be able to do to prevent it.

Do however pack a change of clothes (preferably two) in your carry on to bide you over just in case.

And, label your bag with your name and contact info (not your home address), make your bag distinguishable from all the other black samsonites (or whatever you have), and take a photo of your bag and store it on your phone so the airline knows what to look for. Oh, and finally, place a sheet of paper inside your bag with contact details, flight details and your hotel(s) for the entire trip. IF your bag went missing then all those will help the airline find it faster.

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7. Re: question on delta connection?

Another preventive tip since you write "we" meaning more than one traveler. If each traveler is taking his or her own suitcase do not each pack their own. Mix and match so each suitcase has clothes for both people ( in complete outfits, not randomly) This way, if a suitcase does go astray, you will each have part of your wardrobe!

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8. Re: question on delta connection?

@amerie, I pack all my clothes in a rolling carryon suitcase. Shoes are the biggest issue so you wear the heaviest ones onto the plane and then you color coordinate your outfits so you don't need many different pairs. The suitcase gets stored in the overhead compartment.

I put my "sundries/toiletries ,meds other stuff into a very large squishy tote bag that then fits under the seat in front of me on the plane.

I am probably low maintenance when it comes to things that are liquid so I don't have a problem fitting everything into that little baggie for security.

The majority of people do not find that their luggage is lost so you'll probably be just fine!

DO keep jewelry,meds/any electronic gadgets/and at least one outfit with you in your carryon. Don't ever check valuables!!!

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9. Re: question on delta connection?

<I would LOVE to go with just a carry on but i have no idea how to pack ill be gone for two weeks plus all my toiletries>

My adult family members (4) went to US/AMS/FCO/BRU/US for almost 3 wks with only carry-on bags. Yes, they had to pay for some laundry. Yes, they encountered plenty of light rain/cool temps, so they had layers/light jackets. 2 were men so the shoes were 2 pair only--wore the bulkiest on flight. Same for the women!! Toiletries---all fit in 1 quart bag--use travel sizes. They are all low-maintenance, as am I, and they learned from me--the carry-on master. BTW-great tip about splitting clothing in any checked bags. Our fave tip is every 2-3 garments go into jumbo Hefty Bags. Any smaller garments, undies, etc, go into gallon or quart. Mark with post-it or sharpie. Still a good idea if you're checking bags in case of rain.

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Mount Dora, Florida
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10. Re: question on delta connection?

We have almost 1 million miles with Delta, including many European trips. In all that time we had one piece of luggage lost for 2 days on a direct flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco during the Christmas season. Twice our luggage arrived in Istanbul before we did. Once my husband's suitcase did not come off the carousel, but was then delivered to our home before we got there.

Considering how often we fly and how much luggage we take I think Delta does a great job keeping luggage and passenger together. Last year while waiting for our flight in the Sky Lounge in Chicago, one of the attendants came to tell us that for some reason one of our suitcases had been returned to Atlanta. I don't even know how she knew that, but she and her colleague spent more than an hour tracking it down. They found someone in Atlanta in the baggage department who physically found the suitcase & put it on the next flight to Istanbul. I am still impressed with these extraordinary efforts. I would not worry about missing luggage, but I do always cross pack between myself & my husband & I carry vital things like medication in my carry-on.