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Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Terrigal, Australia
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Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

PASSENGERS trapped on a plane at Melbourne Airport were refused water and forced to buy food and drink while parked on the tarmac for almost three hours.

More than 100 people including children were on board the Tiger Airways flight TT426 flying to Hobart about 6pm yesterday.

After being told there was a delay due to lost paperwork, passengers were infuriated the hostesses still charged for water despite passengers being confined to their seats until the plane was allowed to take off just before 9pm.

Passenger Stuart Davie said he was furious.

''We need help here,'' he told the Herald Sun.

''There are children on board and they are charging for water, we are like prisoners.''

Airservices Australia confirmed the plane was delayed for two hours and 50 minutes but could not comment on the reason as it was an airline issue.

Tiger Airways spokeswoman Vanessa Regan confirmed the flight was delayed.

''Passengers remained on the aircraft as the flight was expected to depart soon after, however unfortunately the engineers' assessment took longer than anticipated,'' she said.

''Tiger Airways apologises for any inconvenience to affected passengers.''

Read more: heraldsun.com.au/travel/…ixzz2WQ33DmM6

South Pole
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1. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)


come on Virgin Australia.....get your 60% share up and working, starting with some customer service.

Edited: 6:23 pm, June 16, 2013
Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Not expected from Tiger in truth. Budget airline to the extreme.

Feel sorry for the passengers, but a good reason to fly VA or QF tbh and pay the extra.

Gerogery West...
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3. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Virgin's buy in isn't complete until next month lien. Then I think it will just be Virgin Jetstar at best.

South Pole
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4. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

thanks NO.....jumping the gun, again! ;-)

but I think a virgin jetstar will be well ahead of what is there now.

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Sounds like Toothless Tiger put the bite on some poor unfortunate LCC passengers well and truly this time!

What's next, charge to use the lavatories??

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6. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

This report which is readily available on line is disturbing and similar occurrances in the US have led to new laws being introduced regarding tarmac delays. Sustenance such as food and water must be provided to passengers who encounter tarmac (on board) delays after so many hours, regardless of airline. Unfortunately these laws to my understanding have not been introduced in Australia, however I think the demand for money by Tiger for water during such a delay is absolutely unreasonable, as is the fact they left passengers on board. Whenever there was a delay with Qantas we were frequently offered water and snacks and updates. I guess thats the difference in looking after customers.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Nasty. Memories of stuff like this takes years to wipe away.

South Pole
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8. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

I don't think tiger can sink much lower in most people's estimation than they already are, kve.

it will take some effort from virgin to attract more than the 'fly at the lowest cost' crowd.

Destination Expert
for Hobart, Tasmania
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9. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

You'd have to be a bit of a bunny to trust Tiger to get you to Hobart at all. Anybody who'd book with them would have to be a "crawl over broken glass" kinda customer looking for the cheapest fare. I bet nobody complained about the delay. :)

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10. Re: Tiger Air - Melbourne Australia (Daily Telegraph)

Yikes, it's amazing how airlines spend a fortune on advertising then throw it all away with bottles of water.