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esta question......

Oxfordshire, England
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esta question......

Ok here's the situ..... I am british and my husband is a new zealander and holds a nz passport. 2 years ago when we applied for an esta we filled out the form with his citizenship being nz and passport issuing country as nz assuming that it was. When we checked in, we were told to alter the esta to the passport issuing country to be uk. However - this year when applying for esta again, we copied all the info from the old esta but it wont let us put 2 conflicting answers this time, so we have put nz in both the boxes but we know that the passport issuing country is uk ! Is there anyone who can help us and give some advice and what to do ??

Sydney, Australia
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1. Re: esta question......

Maybe lodge a separate application for each of you?

Ghent, Belgium
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2. Re: esta question......

If he is a New Zealand passport holder, the issuing country can never be any other country than New Zealand.

From the ESTA help site

Passport Issuing Country Choose the country of citizenship, as it appears on your passport. The passport issuing country is required to complete the application.

Brooklyn, NY
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3. Re: esta question......

I'm confused. Why do you think his NZ passport was issued by the UK?

newcastle upon tyne
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4. Re: esta question......

How can the UK passport office issue a New Zealand passport ?

South Pole
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5. Re: esta question......

was the NZ passport issued in the UK by the NZ embassy?

that doesn't matter.

the issuing country is and will always be NZ.

London, United...
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6. Re: esta question......

I think there is something to do with the commonwealth and new zealand citizens being british subjects and able to live and work in the uk. It's like a dual nationality thing, I'm not too sure about the ins and outs of it, but I am pretty sure there is something or was something between the two nations.

To the op, are you sure your husband only has New Zealand citizenship? I would have opted for uk passport and British citizen if this is where he lives and works, what does the passport actually say? Does it say.british subject or British citizen? Or New Zealand citizen?

South Pole
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7. Re: esta question......

since when are new zealanders british subjects?


London, United...
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8. Re: esta question......

New Zealand was or is a colony of the British empire .

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Fredericia, Denmark
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9. Re: esta question......

Still? I thought the British empire broke up long ago;-)

London, United...
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10. Re: esta question......

No, I think it still is. I just googled it, but says its the subject of much academic debate on whether it is or is not, and NZ is not yet formally independant, or a republic though. The constitution and the British monarchy are still recognised.

Sorry,I'm no expert on the commonwealth or the independence of New Zealand, but yes it was a British colony and independence has never formerly been declared, it's not yet the republic of New Zealand and it does not look like recent referendums on it has given independence overwhelming support.

Anyway, all I am saying is this is what is probably causing the issue for the op and there is something between the nations,

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