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Travel forum

New Delhi, India
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Travel forum

I woul be travelling to America. Which flights offer open tickets ?

Portland, Oregon
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1. Re: Travel forum

Welcome to the forum.

If you could provide more information about your travel plans it would help us greatly to help you. Such as,

Where will you be flying from?

When do you plan to fly, and return (dates please)?

Where in America do you want to fly to?

Any additional information you care to provide would also help us help you.

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2. Re: Travel forum

I doubt any airline sells "open" tickets anymore....it is all about fees fees and more fees now. Although some student agents allow changes for free

London, United...
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3. Re: Travel forum

Of course they do, in fact most do, you can buy fully flexible tickets and move the date with no charge accordingly, I do often for work,

Nashville, TN
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4. Re: Travel forum

Try doing some research instead of asking others to do it for you.

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5. Re: Travel forum

TG does if you buy a one year fully flexible.

East Sussex, United...
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6. Re: Travel forum

<< Try doing some research instead of asking others to do it for you >>

A tad harsh on a new poster vegas-guide, but you have a point. Quite often posters don't help themselves when they ask such basic questions as this. 'Travelling to America' is about as obscure as it gets.

I think a lot of new posters are under the impression that TA is in fact a full service Travel Agent, when of course it's nothing of the sort.

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7. Re: Travel forum

You won't get much help if you don't post more info like where you want to go to in America.

Calgary, Canada
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8. Re: Travel forum

Posts like this are so strange...I understand that English is not a first language in many cases, but terse one line questions without a please, thank you or details are just not the way to get help.

We need some sort of sticky with links to sites like Matrix and sky scanner etc.

"Welcome to the Air Travel Forum. Please read this first. Thank you very much!"

London, United...
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9. Re: Travel forum

I suspect it's a language issue, coupled with possibly a misunderstanding of what the site is, but I do find it quite strange that when learning a new language, manners, like please and thank you, are lost.

My language skills are not great, but for me it's a basic cultural issue, I live in Brussels, occasionally I need to speak rather appalling French, but saying s'il vous plaît et merci, is pretty much a reflex.

East Sussex, United...
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10. Re: Travel forum

I doubt very much the OP will come back. Many 1st time posters don't for any number of reasons, but I agree with froggy about simple basic manners which cost nothing.