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My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

Taipei, Taiwan
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My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

I am from the UK. I am living in Taiwan and studying Mandarin Chinese. On Thursday my mother was rushed to the ICU unit at the local office because she was suffering from internal stomach bleeding. As a result she had to receive emergency medical surgery yesterday at 12:20am Friday 14 June 2013 (UK time). The surgeon informed the family that because this is a very complex operation the survival rate would be 50%. As a result my sister in the UK had helped me book a flight to get back to see my mother in the event that she would pass away. Because this was an emergency my sister used her credit card. I then here in Taiwan called the office because of the policy where the credit card holder would need to show the card at the airport. This at the time was physically impossible as to get to London my sister would have to book a domestic flight and fly over an hour to get there. She was busy being beside my mothers bedside in case she passed away.

Eva Air did not allow me to board the flight due to this even though my sister offered to give a letter of confirmation with a copy of her passport and credit card (back and front copy). This again was refused by Eva Air. When I called the London office to plead with them that in this special case could they make an exception. This was not only denied, but this representative also blamed me for the problem and said I would have to have my sister travel all the way to London to provide proof of purchase. Therefore the flight was cancelled and now a refund is in place.

I feel very disappointed the way in which this matter has been handled by Eva Air. This is a situation that I could not have planned for or controlled. My mothers condition is very critical and still I am here in Taiwan hoping that she doesn't pass away while I am here. I do realize there is a policy in place to protect us against fraud but I also believe there is a fine line between policy and compassion. I would put it this way, if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you want the policy rules bent a little because of this?

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11. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

Gopbi, my point about the passport is to address the commercial consideration you raised. Yes it is fair of the airline to want to make sure the purchase was a genuine one. My issue is what they use to do this validation. To me, a govt issued document like a passport trumps a piece of plastic that does not have a photo and could more easily be forged or fraudulently obtained. For security reasons I often take many of my cards out of my purse when I travel, and often have to make sure I bring the right one just for this relatively new condition. Or what if I used miles? Then there is no card transaction.

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12. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

I have just booked my 6th flight on EVA, have always booked through ebookers and paid by card, so no financial risk to the airline, all I ever show when checking in is my passport.

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13. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death


Yes.. When you book with a middle-man so to speak, a part of the agreement the carrier has with the selling agent is that there is language about who "eats" bad charges or fraudulent chnarges.. That's one small perk of using a middle-man if you will..

Carriers have a bit of an easier time just cutting an agency debit memo than they do chasing down a specific passenger and dealing with a credit card issuer relative to charge-backs or disputes.

Travel Safe,

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14. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

One part of the presenting the credit card issue that I fail to understand is with flights bought weeks or months in advance - the airline has clearly been paid at the time of booking with plenty of time for any fraudulent transaction to come to light yet they can still insist on the cc being presented but the passenger could have got rid of that card in the meantime.

I can understand it if the cc was used for a flight in the next day or so.

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15. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death


Tom, I *suspect* that part if this is built into the timeline that the card holder has to alert the bank that they suspect afraudulent transaction on their card.

I'd agree that if (for example) the "window" to claim fraudulent use has closed for the cardholder, then i can see there being no real need to see the card as there really would be no chargeback risk at that point.

Therefore, so long as the carrier (or merchant) has a chargeback/fraud risk, then I can see a need for the card presentation..

Travel Safe,

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Atlanta, Georgia
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16. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

Two points:

1) Bad facts make for bad law. In other words, changing the rules to prevent an unfair result in an extreme case will create bad precedent that will have detrimental effect in the larger number of more routine-appearing cases. The airline is probably presented regularly with fraudulent requests that sound just like your perfectly reasonable request. 2) Can your sister wire you money so that you can pay cash? Otherwise, the suggestion to have her use a travel agent is a great one.

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17. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

Hopefully Jar M made it back to the UK (seeing as the OP was on June 15) and continued best wishes.

In post #1 I posed the question -

"The question I'd have re EVA is "was the requirement for the credit card holder to be present at check in presented BEFORE booking"? If so then EVA is in the right. If not then I think there is a shortcoming on their part. "

Well, I'm looking at flights on EVA for myself now they're in Star, and I've found the answer. The requirement mentioned above is made very clear and comes after step 3 (passenger information) and before step 4 (purchase). You cannot get to the purchase page without accepting the following statement -

"You are required to present the credit card used to purchase the ticket during check-in at the airport. If you will not be among the travel party, you must go to any EVA Air office and sign an Indemnity of Payment form during business hours and at least 48 hours before the passenger's scheduled departure. Passengers who fail to do so will be denied boarding unless they purchase a full-fare ticket. I agree to the above terms and conditions for using a credit card."

So, unfortunately, EVA were in the right to deny the OP boarding. The message couldn't be clearer.

South Pole
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18. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

having been the victim of CC fraud amounting to many thousands of $, I support the rules put in place by any company to thwart it and don't believe there should be any exceptions.

ok, I got the money back....eventually.

but the time wasted jumping thru the legal hoops together with the temporary reduced CC limit is something no one needs.

in aus we now seem to have a system where a supplier charges u some odd amount when a CC transaction takes place that necessitates a call to the CC company ascertain what that amount is. only after that amount is advised to the supplier does the transaction continue.

a little convoluted but seems to work.

19. Re: My problem with Eva Air and a near family death

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