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Seat24 and eTRAVELi

Chicago, Illinois
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Seat24 and eTRAVELi

I recently tried to arrange travel through Seat24.

After booking online, I got a confirmation and an e-ticket in the email. Mission acommplished, I went to sleep.

Sometime during the night, I received an email from eTRAVELi saying that they needed additional photo identification faxed to them within 12 hours to confirm my identity or have the trip cancelled. Of course, that email came after I went to bed, so I didn't see that email until later the next morning, more than 12 hours after my booking. Also, I had no idea that eTRAVELi was associated with Seat24, so I thought it was fraud. I called Seat24 during their extremely limited hours (9-11, 12-2), and was on hold for 42 minutes before I got a human. The person informed me that Seat24 is one of many names that eTRAVELi uses. I was also informed that since it was more than 12 hours, they cancelled my trip.

I did not see anything on their website requiring additional photo identification, nor the eTRAVELi and other names.

I'd like to warn people to stay away from Seat24 and eTRAVELi.

Leeds, United...
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1. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

Just one of the many reasons why it's always best to book direct with the airline.

Chicago, Illinois
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2. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

I haven't had any problems with Expedia yet. (Not counting their credit card.)

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3. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

But if and when you do have a problem with a flight you won't be able to contact airline direct and must always go via Expedia. I just never get the reason for not booking direct with the airline that will fly you

London, United...
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4. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

>I haven't had any problems with Expedia yet.<<

What's with all the third parties? It really is better when just booking flights to book direct with the airline.

Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

IF I can plan a trip 6 months in advance, then yes, going with an airline works. However, if I don't have that advance time to work with, then the "cheap" seat are already gone, bought-up by the travel agents.

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

Working directly with an airline does NOT solve all problems. As an example, I recently flew with Air France, on tickets bought directly with them. I had bought the tickets far in advance, getting the cheap seats at the same time as the travel agents. However, on the return trip, I was several hours early. The airline refused to book me on one of the earlier flights (in the same class) because I had cheap seats.

Terrigal, Australia
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7. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

````````````I was several hours early. The airline refused to book me on one of the earlier flights (in the same class) because I had cheap seats.``````````````````

and the problem was?

you booked seats on a flight and because the airline couldn't accommodate you on an earlier flight - the airline is the problem ?

if you book "cheap" fares/accommodation, especially through a 3rd party you are at the discretion of the provider - even if you paid top $ you are still at the mercy of the provider

joys of traveling !

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

The problem was that I booked the seats directly with the airline. Someone said that booking directly with the airline prevents problems. Not true.

The problem was that the airline had a LOT of empty seats on the earlier flights, all in the same economy class, but refused to let me go on an earlier flight unless I paid their current, much higher price. Makes no sense logically. They flew with empty seats.

Wales, United...
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9. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

Wanting to travel on an earlier flight is not something I would define as a problem. Most airlines have a policy that if you want to change a booking on an inflexible ticket you will have to pay extra. It has nothing to do with booking directly or via a third party site.

When people to problems with a booking, i tnormally means things like a misspelt name, a change of flight time, and other similar issues. If you make a booking with an airline and encounter some issue with that booking, you can communicate with the airline itself. make a booking through a third party and you will have to deal with them rather than the airline, which just adds to the hassle and complexity of sorting it out.

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: Seat24 and eTRAVELi

So, an airplane that's leaving anyway, with empty seats, and in the same class, is not a problem?

There are NO actual costs to the airline for changing flights IF there are EMPTY seats in the SAME class. Am I missing something else?