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Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

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Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

Hi everyone - we are planning a much anticipated trip to Thailand (West Coast) in August and I was wondering if anyone has advice about Jetstar vs Air Asia. Air Asia flights are around $500 cheaper for my hubby, me and our 21 month old toddler, but they have a 3 hour stopover in KL. Jetstar is more expensive but fly direct.

We have only ever done short domestic flights with our son and I am not sure if it is better to just suck it up and do the 9.5 hour direct flight with Jetstar, or save $500 and have a stopover in KL. Any thought on whether Air Asia is better / worse than Jetstar would be much appreciated too.

Many thanks!

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1. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

Why don't you put some of the $500 you will be saving towards a night or two in KL and have a real stop over? KL is an amazing place - but the airport is not on top of the list of places to hang out for several hours with a toddler.

Otherwise I think I would fly direct with Jetstar - even though I think Air Asia is a better airline.

Make sure you know what is included in the ticket price and what will cost extra. Read their rules (luggage, check in times etc) and then follow them.

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2. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

I agree fly direct. Make sure you understand the difference in transit rules between full service airlines and low cost carriers. For LCC your ticket is point to point. So even if on the same airline all the way, it is YOUR responsibility to make it on the next sector from KL to Phuket. Also you will be required to clear immigration, collect yor bags and recheck in. Yu might also check prices for full service airlines to Phuket as they may be close to the Jetstar rate ($500 difference is a lot).

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3. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

Thanks so much for your replies! I did look at doing a longer stop over in KL, but for some reason that jacks up the price well beyond the $500 difference and in fact makes it more expensive than the Jetstar flight in total. I think the fare I was looking at on Air Asia was a sale fare (only $350 for the base fare Syd to Phuket!). I think it is worth flying direct. It does seem like a lot for a Jetstar flight ($1950 for the three of us return with luggage), but as far as I am aware Jetstar is the only airline flying direct Sydney to Phuket! Hopefully my little boy will want to sleep lots on the flight!

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4. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

If your wanting to save the $$$ and have a break in flights choose Air Asia, but 3 hours will go quickly as you will have to get off in KL collect luggage and so on, check in for next flight etc (unless its a fly-through with Air Asia, I have not looked) .

Or just pay the extra and fly direct, but have you looked at the costing with full service carriers such as Malaysia Airline as they may have offers on which can add up the same or sometimes cheaper than the LCC.

Having flow both LCC Air Asia would be my preferred choice

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5. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

$500 dollars is too much to ignore, if it was $100 dollars I would say go with the direct flight and as it's only a 3 hour transit I would go with air Asia.

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6. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

AirAsia flight Sydney to Phuket is on a single Fly Thru ticket, so although you have to change planes in KL and have the transit time, your luggage goes straight through to Phuket and do bot have to clear Immigration. More importantly unlike flying on two tickets or a non Fly Thru ticket, if your first flight is delayed and you miss your onward connection AirAsia will put you on the next flight. See www.airasia.com/my/en/connecting-flights.page

However, even though AirAsia have Promo prices for August the best price I've found on a dummy booking for 2 Adults + 1 child plus baggage upto 20kgs (not a lot!) is 1812 AUD bringing saving much nearer Jetstar price. If these are lowest prices for your dates it is more likely that they will go up rather than down the longer you leave it.

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7. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

3 hours is not really a stopover is it... barely time to do anything. Think of it this way... half way through that second flight you could have been in the hotel pool doing what a holiday is for.... which is more desirable?

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8. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

As Jetstar is part of the Qantas Empire, I would choose Air Asia.

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9. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

Go Direct!

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10. Re: Air Asia or Jetstar flying Sydney to Phuket?

The people advising you to take the Air Asia option are not factoring in that it operates on a point to point basis. That is, even though you hold tickets for Sydney to KL and KL to Phuket on the same airline, AA treats them as standalone flights. You will need to clear immigration and customs, retrieve your luggage and recheck back in for your Phuket flight. If your flight from Sydney is late and you miss your connection, AA will NOT refund you and the only thing you can do is buy a whole new set of tickets for the next available flight out. If there isn't any that day, you're SOL and have to make your own plans to overnight and KL's LCC terminal is not (unlike KLIA) connected by express train to downtown, you're stuck having to cab it to central. $500 is a lot, but be aware of other considerations as well.