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Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Denver, CO
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Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Absolutely the worst flight experience EVER!!!!! Please save yourself the agony by avoiding this business at all costs. Cancelled our afternoon flight from Minneapolis to Denver and handled the aftermath unbelievably terribly. Made us wait for 4 hours while they held our IDs and still couldn't (wouldn't?) book us on a flight home in time to get to work the next day, so had to rent a car for $200+ and drive all night (which they refused to reimburse me for when I called customer service). Through it all, staff was completely ineffective at best ("I'm sure they're working on it" when we asked why they still had our IDs after 3 hours) and incredibly rude at worst (one staff person named Stephanie was the worst of the bunch, treating us with utter rudeness & disrespect and acting like SHE was the one so put out because she had the responsibility to try to get us home). I have literally never had an experience with any business that left such a horrible taste in my mouth. BEWARE!!!!!!

South Pole
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1. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

am afraid u r preaching to the converted here.

pity u didn't check out this forum before booking.

Fortaleza, CE
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2. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

I don't know of any airline that would reimburse you for a rental car, especially after-the-fact.

Detroit, MI
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for Detroit, Travel Gadgets and Gear
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3. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Deja vu.......

Only news around here is that they held your IDs for hours. Why was that? An airline employee has never been in possession of my ID/passport for more than a few seconds - and that was to swipe the passport to enter the necessary information for an international flight.

Houston, Texas
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for Air Travel, Business Travel
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4. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Airlines don't have to...

- give you the seat you selected

- refund you any money unless there are special circumstances

- pay for any rental car, hotel, theatre tickets you may have had

- transport you on the same plane as originally planned

- get you to your destination on the same day as planned

- feed you

- Repair damaged bags or strollers

- ...

It is all what you agreed to when you checked the little box when you bought your tickets.

Destination Expert
for Livigno, Lombardy
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5. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Nothing you can do about it other than never fly with them again.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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6. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

You get what you pay for! Feed their cause & it only fuels their expansion and poor quality of service that gives the industry a bad name.

Briarcliff Manor...
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7. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

I agree spirit is the worst airline I have ever flown!

Briarcliff Manor...
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8. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

I agree spirit is the worst airline I have ever flown! Planes are dirty and staff rude.

London, United...
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9. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Hmm, rude usually means did not give me what I want.

Agree it's a hated airline, but it's cheap for a reason. You must have known that right?

Agree with tev, the only unusual thing here is why they held your Id for hours.

Salisbury, United...
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10. Re: Do not fly Spirit Airlines!!!

Why are staff always rude when a customer doesn't get what they want? I could read it as 'they wouldn't do what I wanted so I shouted and the staff were abrupt' is this the case?

When you want cheap airfares you get the customer service that goes with it. They have to cut costs somewhere. Did you fly with Spirt because they were cheaper?

Airline don't have mechanical issues on purpose, believe it or not they would prefer to fly on time with no issues. These issues can happen on any airline.

The moral of the story leave a days buffer if its important to get to an event, work etc.