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flight cancellation compensation

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flight cancellation compensation

Monarch have told me that they are willing to pay compensation for a cancelled flight from 2008, but only if i can produce booking ref or boarding pass, which i don`t have. They tell me that their records do not go back that far (convenient), but that the flight was chartered by Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook told me, they cannot find any record of flight. I booked through Travelsupermarket.com, who tell me that they are just a portal, and do not have anything to do with bookings. I have looked into using the claims firms, but they require this elusive info also. Is there anyway through this brick wall?

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1. Re: flight cancellation compensation

At the end of the day it's up to you to maintain your own travel records. Why should anyone else do it for you ?

I have receipts and boarding passes for all my trips dating back to the 70s ! To me they are just as important as keeping the photos of the trip.

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2. Re: flight cancellation compensation

2008?? Did Monarch contact you out of the blue or have you been chasing them for 5 years? Did you have travel insurance at the time? Was it a significant loss i.e. multiple thousands for a transatlantic flight? Is it really worth the angst 5 years later? Personally I keep my boarding pass etc. until my FF points appear then I toss them. Of course if something is cancelled or whatever then I keep evidence until all claims are settled and then I toss it.

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3. Re: flight cancellation compensation

I also keep all my boarding passes, and the booking references... This being said, if you don't have it, there is no chance to move on. 5 years is a long time and most of the records have been erased...

Watford, United...
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4. Re: flight cancellation compensation

I think you need to give it up les. Especially 5 years on.

Might be better to concentrate on whether you have ever been mis sold payment protection insurance on anything.

Good luck.

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5. Re: flight cancellation compensation

I very much doubt anyone else will have your booking reference or your boarding pass, five years later, if you don't have it the booking agent does not have it and the airline does not have it.

I agree with mr Marcoos, you probably need to give it up, you need evidence you were booked on that flight, and if you don't have it, you can't get comp. it's logical if you think about it, as otherwise everyone would be claiming they were on every cancelled flight and just lost their documentation.

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6. Re: flight cancellation compensation

It was on watchdog bbc, a new law you can claim 6 years after the flight.

Fredericia, Denmark
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7. Re: flight cancellation compensation

No, it's not a new law. The law is from 2004 (EU 261/2004).

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8. Re: flight cancellation compensation

And you still need evidence you were ever booked on the flight...

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9. Re: flight cancellation compensation


I had similar problem to you.... I wrote to thomas cook asking under the freedom of information act... Surprise!!! They found all my details and emailed them to me straight away hope this helps

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10. Re: flight cancellation compensation

Sorry, but if you didn't pursue the matter at the time, I'd let it go.

It amazes me the way people who seemingly have what appears to be a legitimate grievance only seek to pursue it years later when some news story makes them see £ signs..