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flying pregnant - need advice

Trieste, Italy
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flying pregnant - need advice

Hi everyone!

I`ll have to travel from Venice to London in July when I`ll be 20 weeks pregnant,probably with Monarch or Easyjet. I have read somewhere that it is important for pregnant women to fly in pressurized cabins, but I have also read that smaller aircraft flying on short haul routes do not necessarily pressurize cabins. Does anyone have information whether aircraft from the above mentioned companies pressurize cabins on short haul routes? Sorry if my question is silly, but I do not have much experience neither with flying, and especially not with pregnancy :-)

Which of the two companies do you recomend anyway, in terms of service and comfort?

Thank you in advance :-)

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1. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

All aircraft cabins are pressurised. Either airline will be fine.

Nowy Sacz, Poland
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for Poland
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2. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

Yes, you hear so many stories of pregant ladies exploding at 35,000 feet because the cabin was not pressurised!

Edinburgh, Scotland
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3. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

I am not a plane expert either but I think when you are talking about small planes and unpressurised cabins this won't be what you will be on between Venice and London. Such planes will be on routes (for instance) between Scottish cities (Edinburgh, Glasgow etc) and Shetland, Orkney and Hebridean islands. They carry no more than 50 passengers and have propellors rather than jet engines.

Venice to London is a much longer and busier route so bigger (though not the size of transatlantic planes) planes will be used, will fly higher and thus require pressurised cabins. If someone who has more actual knowledge comes along and corrects bits of what I have said then that is ok. Just wanted to reassure you to start with that it will be fine.

No experience with Monarch, but Easyjet is fine as a budget airline. Just follow the terms and conditions on their website to the letter.

Good luck with everything!

Fortaleza, CE
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4. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

Last time I was in a non-pressured commercial aircraft was in a Czech-built plane between Lusaka and Hwanga National Park in Zambia, about 13 years ago. I can't imagine you not being in a pressurized cabin, but you can always contact the airline. For other health concerns re flying while pregnant, ask your doc.

Trieste, Italy
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5. Re: flying pregnant - need advice


I knew I might sound silly, but since I have to think for somebody else other than myself-

a thousand thoughts are currently crossing my mind .

Thank you all, folks!

Sydney, Australia
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6. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

Our obstetrician told my wife she was fine to fly international long haul up to 28~32 weeks, and the recommendation is usually for those who have no complications. They also advised support stockings or maternity compression knee highs. Venice to London isnt particularly a long haul so you should be fine, but if you have concerns, speak with you family GP or an obstetrician.

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7. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

I flew weekly until the end of my 36th week of my pregnancy last year without issue.

I researched possible issued and discussed at length with my doctor and as there were no complications we both concluded that the additional risks were minimal.

As long as you're fit and healthy you'll be fine, don't expect any special services on the flight, especially at only 20 weeks.

Just relax and enjoy your trip and pregnancy.

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8. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

Both Easyjet and Monarch exclusively run aircraft fleets with pressurized aircraft.It is not really possible to fly unpressurized passenger aircraft over the alps.

If your pregnancy is normal,you should have no problems.Good luck with your new arrival.

Brooklyn, NY
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9. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

I also flew weekly until I was 36 weeks, and I had permission from my doctor to fly until I was 38 weeks. Enjoy!

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10. Re: flying pregnant - need advice

I also flew well into both my pregnancies and had no problems.

If you end to retain fluid then KVEs idea of compression socks is an excellent idea.

I also found it practical to choose aisle seats quite close to the loos - especially later in the pregnancy when it started to get difficult climbing over people. ;-))