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Jet lag London - Cape Town

Moscow, Russia
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Jet lag London - Cape Town


Is it true I won't experience jet lag on this flight? It's 11 hours. How long would it take you on average to get over a flight like this before you are functioning normal again?


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1. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

You will not get normal jet lag as that is caused by your body clock being out of synch due to time zones such as flying London to Bangkok with a 7 hour time distance.

You are more likely to be weary on an 11 hour flight with little time difference due to lack of sleep or being couped up in a thin tube with recycled air,and maybe too much alcohol.

if you sleep on your flight and are rehydrated then there should be little effect


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Moscow, Russia
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2. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

Thks for that. So a day or two?

Guildford, England
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3. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

One nights sleep, if you have not managed to sleep on the flight, and you will be fine. Otherwise if you sleep on the flight then no problems.

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4. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

Jetlag affects everyone differently. Personally I don't get jetlag regardless of how absurd the timechange, London-SE Asia or Australia to US East Coast in one go, it just doesn't affect me.

London to Cape Town is about as tame as it gets. The flights are typically overnight in each direction and offer plenty of time for sleep, my wife who is more susceptible to jetlag than I, finds no problems whatsoever after a good night's sleep on the overnight flights down to South Africa from London.

Moscow, Russia
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5. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

thks for replies. probably easier to sleep on a plane when it's overnight?

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6. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

With that itinerary I would prefer a day time flight if one was available.

Get up in the morning, go to the airport, spend the day flying (reading, watching movies, listening to music, just relaxing) and then go to sleep in a real bed at your destination. No disruption to sleep and no time change so there shouldn't be any after effects at all.

Some people think this "wastes" a day of their holiday but personally I think being exhausted after a night on a plane is worse.

Each to their own.

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7. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

I disagree that sleeping will means its ok. I've slept on UK to SA flights a number of times, and still feel lousy the following day. It's a long flight, with lousy air. Allow the rest of the day you land to recover

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8. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

We have done LHR to CPT five times now and although it is a long flight, there really is no jetlag. We usually take it very easy the first day...stay by the hotel pool, have a nap mid afternoon, have a walk, have an early dinner at our hotel and a relatively early night. We feel a bit jaded that first day but are usually fine after that. I rarely sleep on a plane, even on an overnight flight.

Moscow, Russia
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9. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town


What do you think of the idea of taking a sleeping tablet to fall asleep. would it be safe to take a sleeping tablet that hasn't been prescribed to me?

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10. Re: Jet lag London - Cape Town

Wouldn't advise taking any non-prescribed medication, used to fly London-RSA at least once a month and I found the key to overcoming tiredness on arrival was on boarding change my watch to local time and adjust my normal sleep pattern, definitely no alcohol before and during the flight regardless of how bored I was and always felt fine and ready to work after a quick shower