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Food for Int'l Flight

Seattle, Washington
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Food for Int'l Flight

We are going to be flying to Paris in the Fall and I am already starting to think about what foods travel well. Our airline will not be providing complimentary meals for us. Since our flight is 10+ hours I'm sure we will be hungry mid flight. Other than the usual snack foods like trail mix, bars, fruit and sandwiches does anyone have suggestions for quick meals we can make & pack with us?

Fredericia, Denmark
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1. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Which airline does not serve food on a transatlantic flight?

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2. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Wow I am curious to know, too.

When we go to Paris (American or United) they always serve dinner, about an hour after departing. Then they do a snack in the middle of the flight and about 2 hours before landing they serve breakfast.

Seattle, Washington
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3. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

We are taking Iceland Air. We've traveled internationally many times in the past and have also always been served meals so this is a first for us as well.

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Agree with "Whaaaaat?"

I'd eat at the airport before boarding, take a sandwich and chocolate bar.

I hope they give you booze.

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5. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Aundrea, I'd check your ticket or confirmation. I'd be surprised if any trans-Atlantic flight didn't serve at least dinner, and usually breakfast if it's an overnight flight.

But to answer your question, I hate airplane food, so usually pick up a deli type sandwich and have it wrapped well. I try to avoid onions, so as not to offend my neighbors. Even something with mayo has been fine. A piece of quiche at room temperature went on another trip and that worked well.

I always make and bring granola. It makes a great, fairly healthy, easily transportable snack. Then it gets stirred into yogurt on the plane for breakfast. It then is eaten for breakfast when in Paris, because I need something more than a croissant for breakfast. And when you taste French yogurts your head will spin around on your shoulders. It's that good.

Calgary, Canada
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6. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Looks like there is food for sale, but according to the website...

"In Economy Class, the only special meals served between Iceland and Europe are children and baby meals. In Economy Comfort these are vegetarian (VLML), children and baby meals"

Which is ambiguous because it says "Special Meals" as opposed to "Regular meals"

Odd but apparently you bring your own, or buy theirs.

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7. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

I haven't looked at the website, but just reading what you've said:

I would understand that to mean that they DO serve meals, but if you want special, the only options - other than the standard meals - are vegetarian, children and baby meals. Meaning they don't offer kosher, halal, diabetic, low-salt... whatever.

Seattle, Washington
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8. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Perhaps this is the reason why Iceland Airfare is much cheaper than other fares for the same flight. Would anyone recommend bringing pasta or even baguette sandwiches like the vietnamese ham ones? I love those but am not sure if that would travel well.

Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

A Pasta salad may work as long as its intensely chilled. Baguette, wrap whatever, Cheese and crackers.? Hopefully you get a cup of coffee before landing? I don't think you'll be hungry so much as bored - food occupies a bit of time.

Shuffaluff - it doesn't seem that way..seems to be only a purchase thing.

"Here you can see the menu (food for purchase) on all of our European and North America routes for Economy Class

Here you can see the menu on all of our European and North America routes for Economy Comfort"

Fortaleza, CE
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10. Re: Food for Int'l Flight

Special meals means just that-- special, as in special request. Special meals seem to be available in Economy Plus. However, I agree this appears to refer to options of food for purchase. If you look at icelandair.us/servlet/… if shows food available for purchase, on both European and North American flights. Looks like free soft drinks and beyond that you buy. It is a discount airline. Short connection in Iceland, so you may have to buy food on board unless you buy some beforehand. Eat heartily at Sea-Tac Airport.

Of course, you could ask Icelandair directly.

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