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Flybe Rewards4All

Livingston, United...
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Flybe Rewards4All

Has anyone ever successfully booked a flight with rewards points at a reasonable price? I tried to book two UK domestic flights using 32 points - they wanted around £260 and the price for the same flights without the points was only £1.40 more! I challenged Flybe on why my points were only apparently worth £1.40 and they blamed taxes, because it was a domestic flight. That argument doesn't even make sense - and of course they didn't mention their 'charges' as the problem. I tried international flights to test the theory. Its incredibly difficult to find even one flight that's available but I got one to Knock (where I didn't want to go anyway!) - and having taken my points, it still came in around £200 - I guess this rewards scheme really isn't meant to reward anyone other than Flybe............. unless anyone can give me some hope?

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Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

Every airline rewards scheme limits the number of flights/seats that are available - having points/miles is no guarantee of a seat on a specific date/flight.

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2. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

Nugget, you arent the first here to complain about Fkybe's scheme. Can you use the points for hotels or something else?

Livingston, United...
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3. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

I'm a frequent flyer so don't have any unrealstic expectations - although I have to say that by comparison BA's Avios is a joy to use - and their flights are often cheaper too! My principle gripe was about the value of the points - in my case 32 points was worth £1.40. I'm no accountant, but I reckon those points would have cost me around £3500 to accumulate - not a bad return for Flybe!

Livingston, United...
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4. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

Already I'm thinking I might trade them in for a years lounge access...... all those cups of coffee, newspapers you cant take away and crisps............... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Winchester, UK
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5. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

I feel exactly the same way about this. Short of calling it a bit of a con, it certainly doesn't seem to offer what it advertises. I looked to book flights to Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2013 from Southampton for my family. To take us all on an economy ticket would cost £704 without using any points or £563 using 80 of my points. Were I to use their "essentials" package, the cost is £444.90 vs £303.70 with points. I can't see how the charges (less taxes) can be justified, as these are supposedly "free flights". Certainly, the £141 difference in cost for 5 people flying return doesn't appear to be a good value return on my points.

Cardiff, United...
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6. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

Last year I tried to book 2 flights to Edinburgh 9 months ahead of scheduled departure (Aug 13). Imagine my shock when I found the flights £15 more expensive if I used 32 of my points??? I phoned to complain and was advised that this was due tot taxes...really? Surely the taxes should be the same whether you use points or not?

I wrote a complaint letter December 13 and as yet still have not received a reply.

I am surprised Flybe have been able to get away with this. T

London, United...
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7. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

You will be lucky to get a sensible response from Flybe. I wrote to the MD at his home address (new MD now: Saad Hammad 3 Priory Gardens London W4 1TT) to complain about being ripped-off by Flybe flight change policy (allegedly, change your flight as many times as you like for nothing, but this cost a fortune). I got a bog-standard letter back from the customer complaints department. I have given up completely in Rewards4All as it is worthless.

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

I have over 100 useless Rewards4all points. My advice for anyone in this situation is to get lounge access, drink as much as you can then steal a newspaper. It won't make any difference to FlyBe but it might make you feel a bit better. :-)

Cala d'Or, Spain
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9. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

I am a regular Flybe passenger using their services from Exeter - Palma for the past six years. I have used their Rewards4All points just once for a return to Edinburgh. I think I saved around £10

I am a fan of the airline but their points system stinks, it really is not worth the time of day. Can't be used for hotels or car hire and executive lounges don't excite me.

Rewards4All, is rather an insult to their passengers intelligence and it's time they either made it worth while or scrapped it altogether.

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10. Re: Flybe Rewards4All

I just posted this on their Facebook wall 'Rewards for All - The Fat Cats' they should call it. JOKE

Dear Flybe,

I must say that I love your flight between Southampton and Newcastle. Thank you. The main reason is I work away from home in Southampton and being away from my family and especially my partner puts strain on me as you can imagine. So on this note thank you for having this flight.

I had been using the train and other airlines to make this journey possible until I switched to Flybe completely. My partner and I invest a lot of our hard earned money into Flybe. Im writing this to state the obvious. Your points system is actually making your company look extremely bad and it also insults my intelligence. This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a service provider. Why?

Your points system makes a mockery out of your customers and I suggest that you scrap it.

I you scrapped it then you wouldn't have people like me with an extremely poor satisfaction rating of your company. If there was no point system then yes maybe I would fly with other airlines and yes I would take the train also but I would 'care' about Flybe and its brand..guess what? I don't. It's that attitude that you install in your customers via this rewards for all system. Its the replies that you don't send out to your customers when they graciously ask for your help in resolving problems. Its this kind of brand identity and customer relationship that becomes lasting and in the end, the actual thing that doesn't last is..FLYBE.

You seriously need to reconsider your Brand, your rewards system and your awareness of what makes you as a profitable company..YOUR CUSTOMERS!! I cant get a flight home (she cant use her points to come see me) and that hurts, so does ploughing all my hard earned saved money into your airline. Time for a rethink.

This is not an angry response, its is an informed response. I work in the field of branding and user experience. You need to consider what feelings you install in your customers when they think.. FLYBE.

If you would like to help me and my partner use our points to see each other then please get in touch. jasonb8man@gmail.com

I hope I have been some help and look forward to your response.

Thank you

A currently loyal customer

Jason Bateman

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