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Spirit Airlines

Miami, Florida
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Spirit Airlines

Whats your review for Spirit Airlines..trying to book a flight to Vegas & they offer better pricing but I'm a little skeptical especially since Ive never flown with them.

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: Spirit Airlines

Just type Spirit into the search function on this page and you can see many, many reviews of Spirit Airlines.

Here's a recent sample


Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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2. Re: Spirit Airlines

Several complaints about Spirit in this forum. Try and use the search box and you will find some interesting reading.

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Spirit Airlines

Did you not post this query last month?


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4. Re: Spirit Airlines

Good catch maple! Maybe he was hoping for a more positive response? Or the review [he didn't bother to read] got better?

Washington DC...
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5. Re: Spirit Airlines


Just pay the extra $100/$150 and go with the Delta/American, etc. First off, the cabin was rather warm until the plane actually started to taxi. Nothing out the ordinary that Spirit has a 45 minute check in prior to

departure. Much like the other guys. BUT they wouldn't let us check in at the kiosk or counter!!! We had a 7:25 am departire from Ft. Lauderdale to Baltimore. We arrived at the kiosk at 6:32/6:35am. We should have been able to check in becasue techically, the latest you could check in was 6:40! We went to the counter, showed our ID's and the agent stated, yes I see you all on the flight, but I can't check you in and if we had checked in online, we would have been ok. We stated we had prepaid our carryon luggage so nothing needed to be checked. They still denied us. Instead, they offered to rebook us for a flight out on Tuesday! We were checking in for a Sunday flight! Then the agent stated we can put you on stand by tonight for a 8pm flight, but in order for us to put you on standby, you would have to rebook for the Tuesday flight for $88 . I said HOW C AN YOU EVEN SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE!!?? We ended up booking brand new one way tickets through US Airways and guess what, we were able to check in 30 mins prior to departure... Just go with the big boys because Spirit Air is just a RIPOFF with all of the extra fees ($35 for carryon bags, $10 printed boarding passes, etc)

Seattle, Washington
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6. Re: Spirit Airlines

It's only $10 for a boarding pass if the agent has to print it. If you'd checked in at home and printed your pass, there is no fee.

Spirit will cancel your reservation if you don't have a boarding pass in hand at least 45 min in advance for flights departing from FLL. I don't know when you were there.

The FLL-BWI flight departs at 7:25 a.m., so you'd have to have your bags checked and your boarding pass no later than 6:40. I am guessing perhaps your clock/watch was not the same as the agents, because showing up at 6:35 was cutting it close. Spirit advises you to be at the airport at least two hours before flight departure.

I wouldn't fly Spirit, but this could have happened with any airline, if you didn't show up on time.

Dallas, Texas
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for Boston, Orlando, Walt Disney World
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7. Re: Spirit Airlines

Would never use Spirit they charge you for almost everything.

Washington DC...
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8. Re: Spirit Airlines

Our reservations weren't cancelled and we were on vacation so no printers were around! I've flown other carriers and I did nothing different than before. Like I said, we got tix with US Airways due to this debacle and we checked In 30 mins before departure with no hassle.

New Orleans...
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9. Re: Spirit Airlines

Do yourself a favor- NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES! They will move your flight time up without notifying you, involuntarily bump you off of flights without compensation, charge you $45 for a bag you can bring for free on any other airline (without prior notice of this), charge you $3 for oxygen (just kidding, but they will charge you that for water). and have the most hostile employees I have ever encountered. It took me 3 days to reach my destination instead of 3 hours because of their incompetence! And, they have no reciprocity with other airlines so if something goes wrong with your flight, they will not put you on another airline. WORST TRAVEL EXPERIENCE- 3rd world countries do it better.

Washington DC...
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10. Re: Spirit Airlines

That sucks. I wish I could have warned you about my awful experience before you had to go through yours (see above). Well at least we know now and we can forewarn friends a family. Good luck in your future travels!