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Air New Zealand PE

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Air New Zealand PE

Before someone say "Do a search and you'll find your ansewr" i have searched and still have question.

So here you go......

Planning to travel to New Zealand April 2014 and wondering book now or later?

Is April a buzy travel time for New Zealand?

Would you book the SpaceSeats on Air New Zealand and why?

What is it like going through Customers in New Zealand?


Burlington, Canada
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1. Re: Air New Zealand PE

NZ Customs is one of the better ones to go through, you won't be interrogated like you are with the US Customs, it's usually fast also. April is a good time to go, is a little cooler and wetter, where are you going in NZ?

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2. Re: Air New Zealand PE

Going to Taupo. Not sure if we should fly Air New Zealand or Qantas, I like the direct flight.

Auckland, New...
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3. Re: Air New Zealand PE

When in April do you plan to arrive?

Good Friday is on April 18 next year and many New Zealanders travel for Easter.

Holiday areas can be heavily booked during this time.

Following Easter, schools have two weeks holiday.

Universities are likely to be on a break around the same time.

If you are asking about the Premium Economy seats in Air NZ 777-300 aircraft, there are a wide range of opinions as to the comfort of these seats. But, given the choice, I don't think many people would say they would rather travel in the 10 seats per row, narrow aisled economy cabin.

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4. Re: Air New Zealand PE


Air New Zealand is best airline I have travelled.

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5. Re: Air New Zealand PE

Right now the plan is to be there Mar 28 thru th 7th of Ap. Easter is the 2oth of Apr next year so on that part I might be good. I'm leaning toward Air New Zealand since it's a direct flight, just need to figure out economey or Premium Economey.

So whats customs like in New Zealand?

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South Pole
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6. Re: Air New Zealand PE

NZ customs are pretty strict......as is the quarantine control.

I think kiwionarope might be confusing customs and immigration.

have never had a problem or an interrogation with usa customs

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New Zealand
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7. Re: Air New Zealand PE

When arriving in NZ, Immigration is very quick and friendly. As long as your passport is in order and you haven't been convicted of any major crimes you will be fine.

Customs is also quick, but a bit more intensive. Your luggage will be x-rayed and it will be sniffed by bio-security dogs. You might be pulled aside to answer questions - main concerns, have you been on a farm recently, are you carrying any food.

If you have hiking boots and/or camping gear it might be inspected.

To make things easy - do not carry any food with you - no fruit or snacks off the airline tray. If you have packed anything which is food, fresh, raw, dried, packaged or not, it must be declared. If you fail to declare it, it will be found (those clever wee Beagles can smell if an apple was in your bag a month ago) and there is an instant $400 fine.

also ensure your footwear is free of mud, dirt, grass seeds etc. Any camping or fishing gear must be spotless.

why all the fuss? We don't have rabies, lyme disease, foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, ticks etc and bio-security is working hard to ensure we remain pest-free.

I am usually through Immigration and Customs within 20 minutes. It can take a few minutes longer if a few planes land at the same time.

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8. Re: Air New Zealand PE

Thanks for the information. I read that some where about having everything clean and as dirt free as you can get them.

So the next question is how soon to buy my plane tickets...

Currently looking at leaving LAX on a Friday, and returning on a Monday or Tuesday.

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9. Re: Air New Zealand PE

We arrived in Auckland as one of three international flights within minutes of each other... the line for immigration was ridiculous. Aussies and Kiwis get their own line but their were only a few officers for the rest of the mob...and it took us a long time.

After Customs you have to load your bags onto another Agricultural screening belt which is a bit of a schlep but I totally understand the reason why.

Its worth it though - loved New Zealand.

Hobart, Australia
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10. Re: Air New Zealand PE

If you are flying on the 777 300 or 777 200 - book Premium Economy. There is absolutely no leg room in Economy on these planes. We just endured 13 1/2 hours from LAX to Auckland with our knees rammed against the seat in front of us and if the passenger puts their seat back you have the seat back inches from your face - really awful and uncomfortable. The 777 400 however had plenty of leg room in economy on the trip over.

Air New Zealand and the crew were great