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Darlington, United...
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i am going on holiday to spain on monday i would like to know where to put my medication in my hand luggage or my suitcase .i did ask my travel agent and they said in my luggage

San Diego
Destination Expert
for San Diego
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1. Re: medication

HI ,

I would never put needed medication in checked luggage because it can get lost.

I would always keep it with me inside the plane in my carryon.

Cookham Dean...
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for Prague, Bohemia
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2. Re: medication

Absolutely, keep it in your hand luggage!

London, United...
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3. Re: medication

Take it in your carry on.

United Kingdom
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4. Re: medication

Hand luggage for me, every time. I take shed loads of pills for osteoporosis and the pain that goes with it, and if the baggage handlers decide to send my luggage to anywhere else but my destination, I have a big problem..

Don't risk it.

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: medication

You need a new TA. What would you do if your luggage went missing?

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6. Re: medication

First, get rid of that TA. They gave you very bad advice. Carry your drugs with you.

Liverpool, UK
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7. Re: medication

Any travel agent that recommends putting medication in checked baggage needs to find a new career - most airlines, if not all, will recommend putting medication in carry on bags.

Atlanta, Georgia
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for Negril
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8. Re: medication

agree with all above, TA is an idiot, I carry all my meds in my carry on, double transplant, so I have a lot to bring, I put them in a couple clear baggies and have them with me at all times. Never checked baggage!

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9. Re: medication

Medication goes in the purse if you are a female, a man purse if you are male. Attached to you at all times. Here's my Rule of Proximity - Medication, phone, money, credit cards, passport on my person; valuables within arm's reach; anything else wherever it fits.

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: medication

Putting medication in checked luggage is a terrible idea. If your travel agent actually recommended that, you need to find a new one. You should not put anything in checked baggage that you would not be able to easily replace.