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British Airways Premium Economy

Worthing, United...
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British Airways Premium Economy

Hi Y'all

Eight days in Georgia and I think I'm a native.

Well I've just travelled BA WT+ to Atlanta and back, outward on a none refurbished plane and back with all mod cons, and I think it was the best money I could have spent.

The greater leg room and deeper recline were smashing, the better food in both directions served with sparkling wine was lovely and the quiet small cabin so much easier to sleep in.

This was my first experience of WT+ and it wont be my last. I say if you can afford it then go for it.


London, United...
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1. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

That is good to know. I am travelling to New York in May and am thinking of getting an upgrade to WT+.

Ayr, Scotland
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2. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

Thanks for this Jackie. Our last 3 trips have been in Clubworld, having only flown in World Traveller previously. No availibility for rewards flights so we splashed out on WT+ flights to Cancun in July. The luggage allowance is another plus for us.

The space looks fine when i checked it out on last flight and the comments you have made make it sound great. Looking forward to it (but still hoping to get an upgrade with Avios to Clubworld if there becomes availibility!)

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3. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

If you are a plus sized traveler DO NOT BOOK BA Premium Economy. The seats are 18.5 inches wide, 1 inch more than a normal coach seat. True there is more leg room but if you can't sit comfortably in the seat who cares. The design of the seat is a hard shell rather than a typical airline seat.

My spouse who is handicapped was told by reservations (more than once) that the arm rest on the aisle side of her seat would fold up to make it easier for her to enter / exit the seat and give her a little more hip room during the flight. She could not physically sit down into the seat. In short they lied or did not know their own aircraft configurations on on the 747 Version 1 & 2 aircraft from SFO to LHR.

I bought World Traveler Plus - Premium Economy to give us a little more comfort but because of the design of the seats the opposite was true. She could not even sit all the way into the seat and was horribly uncomfortable the entire 10 hour flight.

Reservations also told us multiple times that the aisle side arm rest would fold up on an Airbus A321Economy seat but that was not accurate either in that only armrests that will fold up are if you are assigned a seat that is behind the window exit. According to the head cabin attendant on our FCO LHR flight that is their normal intra Europe configuration and he was baffled why reservations did not know that.

We normally fold up the arm rest between our seats to give her a little more room in United Premium Economy or Alaska Economy. Due to the hard shell design of the BA seat that was not possible. We were actually more comfortable flying home in World Traveler (Economy) than using the BA World Traveler Plus (Premium Economy). Also BA refused to refund any of the money I had paid for World Traveler Plus when we took the return trip downgrade.

If you are a big person avoid BA World Traveler Plus. Tall is fine but if you are big and tall forget BA World Traveler Plus.

The only bright spot of this experience is the cabin crews on our flights. They were helpful and apologetic about the problems. Stan the crew leader from Rome to LHR helped her connect at LHR by insuring she got handicapped service. The Service Director, Matthew, on the SFO LHR flight even created a case to customer relations which was ignored in spite of two follow up phone calls and two follow up emails over a 1 week period.

Buyer beware of BA's Premium Economy.

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4. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

Oh lord...

When you say "plus" do you mean 25 pounds overweight, or 250 pounds? Its makes a difference.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

Hard shell? WT+? It reclines like the vast majority of other airline's economy/premium economy seats does.

Berkshire, United...
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6. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

We don't say handicapped any more

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7. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

She is a US size 18 to 20 with an Italian build.

As to the question about Hard Shell. This is not the normal airline seat we have had for years. We have used BA's old configuration of WT+ with no problems. The new WT+ on the 747 is a fixed fiberglass shell so that each person has their own space (good and bad). Also the person with disabilities has no way to raise the aisle side armrest and slide into the seat from an aisle chair or swing around an use their cane to boost themselves out of the seat. The geniuses at BA have wasted considerable room (6 to 8 inches) between the side of the aircraft and the seat on the WT+ configuration in the 747. Not sure who did their cabin interiors but I have rarely seen so much wasted space in my million plus miles of flying.

west yorkshire...
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8. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

World Traveller Plus is basically 'economy' with a bit more legroom......it's nothing like Club World, hence the big price difference between the two cabins.

New York City, New...
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9. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

New WT+ reclines normally:


Previous WT+ reclines normally:


You'll need to explain what you consider a hard shell more.....when I think of it I think of CX's economy seat where the seat slides within its own space to recline as opposed to the seat moving.

Leeds, United...
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10. Re: British Airways Premium Economy

Hello Jackie

Really glad you enjoyed your WT+ flights and had a good time in Georgia. A few more inches of leg room, a slightly wider seat and food from CW does make a difference.

Now you have some Avios (hopefully you signed up to BAEC) use them to upgrade your next WT+ flight to CW.

Thank you for such a positive post, so refreshing that it made me respond.