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Qatar Airways problem

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Qatar Airways problem


The Qatar thread has vanished but I'm still in flux! The bank says they have my money "in holding" and Qatar have until midnight tomorrow (Friday) to take it or return it. My booking is still showing as live.

Then today I got a phone call from them that did not go well. First, they offered me the same flight for under £600. Then half way through the call she said that price wasn't available any more and it was now £666. Since they still have my money (which she claimed was refunded) and my booking is still live (though she claimed it was cancelled) I'm hanging fire.

I asked to speak to a manager to be told none were available. She wouldn't entertain any discussion of the original problem except to say it was a system problem.

After half an hour on the phone I feel very frustrated. The first price she quoted me might have been half decent, but then changing it ten minutes later tipped me over another edge.

I will see what happens to the money and the original booking and then reevaluate.

Anybody got any further?

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1. Re: Qatar Airways problem

The airlines has not 'taken' any money from your credit card. They have made a 'reservation' on the card (which is quite normal procedure).

If the 'real' transaction is not sent through the system the 'reservation' will automatically expire.

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2. Re: Qatar Airways problem

Yes, it's just a funds block, and it takes time for the bank to release it after being instructed to do so.

Re price, this is quite normal and would be the same if you booked on line. So to explain, each class has different fares within it, so if we take economy class there will be the very cheapest tickets, then once they sell out the next bucket of fares and so on, until all seats are sold out in economy.

All that will have happened, is someone else bought the last seat at that fare when you were on the phone and only the next price up was available.

Bottom line is if Qatar have told you this is cancelled ( i assume this is the case and point of your thread) trying to play with systems ie how long it takes for the release to be shown, or how long the cancelled booking is live in the system for, or even getting upset as other people are buying tickets is not going to make a difference, it's cancelled.

There is a chance that the price, whomever you fly with, will continue to increase as seats sell out, or possibly even sell out totally for your times and dates, I would suggest you make your decision,review all available airlines and options and book the flight you wish,

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3. Re: Qatar Airways problem

Well I'm giving their "customer services" a call tomorrow, as still had no reply to my email sent to them on Tuesday, regarding the apparent cancellation of my booking.

As for my original thread, which was deemed inappropriate by TA, it would be nice to get an explanation of why it was closed, but I think as much chance of that happening as Qatar Airways honouring the bookings they took.

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4. Re: Qatar Airways problem

They put me in ugly position too. Based on Qatar ticket i bought 10 more one way nonrefundable tickets with Ryanair and SAS. But now Qatar cancelled my ticket without my consent and due to the "technical issue" on their end. I was forced to rebook the same ticekt and paid 250% more than what i originally paid. I already booked my further trips in last3 days so i had no choice. I feel so cheated. how come reputed international airline like Qatar Airways can do this after issuing PNR and E-ticket and after 4 days cancelled it.

They gave me 50% discount on jacked up price. Who is gonna fly approx. 2000$ for asia to europe trip in economy class in summer. My point is abide to the contract you signed for. I heared all this big punishment in middle eastern countries for wrong doing. So how come airline of Qatar Airways size can do this.

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5. Re: Qatar Airways problem

Qatar airways issued ticket on Sunday 4/21 and then cancelled it after 4days. Meanwhile I called and confirmed ticket while i was changing meal options. Ticket was confirmed.

So i booked 10 more one way ticekts for me and my wife for our further trip. Those 10 ticekts are non refundable.

Now Qatar send me following email and cancelled the ticket without asking em. They offered 50% discount on base fare which still costing my new tickets at 250% then what i originally paid.

My point is how well reputed airlines like Qatar Airways can cancelled issued e-tickets without customers consent?

Any why law will not help normal citizens and how Qatar Airways in a first place can do this.

I filed my complaint to US Department of Consumer Protection and Enforcement division so at least DOT know how Qatar is functioning and treating their customers.


"We regret having to confirm that due to a recent technical error in our system, we are unable to confirm your reservation with reference code ******.

If you did not realize the error prior to this email we would like to apologize and we assure you that any amount that has been deducted from your Credit Card has been returned and should reflect on your account shortly.

While we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, in order to demonstrate our appreciation of your loyalty and understanding in this matter, we would like to hereby offer you a 50% discount on any base fare on your intended journey.

Should you want to take us up on the offer above, please reply to this email in 24 hours , and one of our customer service agents will contact you (please indicate preferred contact details) shortly to finalize your booking. Alternatively you may also contact your nearest Qatar Airways office. Please refer to this email to receive your exclusive discount.

Yours sincerely,

E-commerce Support team

Tel : +974 4420 3015

World's 5-star airline. qatarairways.com

Now flying daily to Warsaw (Poland)

Qatar Airways - World's Best Airline 2011 and 2012

Disclaimer:- This message (including attachments) is intended solely for the addressee named above. It may be confidential, privileged, subject to copyright, trade secret, or other legal rules and may not be forwarded without the author's permission. If you are not the addressee you must not read, copy or disseminate this message. If you have received it in error please notify the sender immediately and delete the message from all storage devices. Any opinions expressed in this message do not necessarily represent the official positions of Qatar Airways. Any agreements (including any warranties, representations, or offers) concluded with Qatar Airways by using electronic correspondence shall only come into existence if an authorized representative of Qatar Airways has explicitly approved such contract formation. To the fullest extent permissible by law, Qatar Airways disclaim all liability for loss or damage to person or property arising from this message being infected by computer virus or other contamination."

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6. Re: Qatar Airways problem

I don't think this is happening again in near future......

"Qatar Airways - World's Best Airline 2011 and 2012"

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7. Re: Qatar Airways problem

I filed my complaint to US Department of Consumer Protection and Enforcement division so at least DOT know how Qatar is functioning and treating their customers.


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8. Re: Qatar Airways problem

>>My point is how well reputed airlines like Qatar Airways can cancelled issued e-tickets without customers consent?<<

I think usbt has already answered this on your other thread. It was a mistake fare, an error in their system, and as such, they don't need your consent to cancel it, they are permitted to cancel it and refund the money. It's then your choice if you wish to purchase at the correct price.

Dot rules do not permit a carrier who falls under their remit ie selling airfares to, from or within the us, to increase the price if the price is wrong after its been purchased, but if the conditions of carriage / terms and conditions permit them to cancel, then they can cancel, which they do and which is what they have done.

Fredericia, Denmark
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for Bentota, Beruwala, Sri Lanka
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9. Re: Qatar Airways problem

They gave me 50% discount on jacked up price


They gave you 50% discount on the base fare. Your original booking was only for taxes etc. only!

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10. Re: Qatar Airways problem

>> I don't think this is happening again in near future...... "Qatar Airways - World's Best Airline 2011 and 2012" <<


Point noted. Most regulars on here are well aware that Qatar (QR) has won that award for two years running. - http://www.worldairlineawards.com/

The vast majority of the votes I'm sure go for on board service. I've not flown them, but I have flown the airlines ranked 2, 4, 5 and 10, and if QR has equal or better service than those then their on board service is truly excellent.

That said, ground and reservation issues shouldn't be neglected, and we've seen a lot of those regarding QR in the last year. Perhaps more people have chosen QR because of its on board reputation and got burned by other issues. It will be very interesting to see how they fare in the 2013 awards, to be announced in July.

Btw - If you're heading to Asia or beyond, and can get down to Heathrow to start your travel (and they fly to where you need to go) I'd personally recommend the #2 airline on that "best airline" list - Asiana. Quite simply superb service, best I've ever flown, and with (so far) no ground service issues and a transit at a superb airport (Seoul Incheon). They'd get my vote for "best airline" though I can't vote because I can't be bothered to sign up to Skytrax.

Good luck.