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A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Southport, Australia
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A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Yes you heard right! Flew from Kalrsruhe germany to Stansted, followed all directions as instructed, arrived early with printed boarding pass on A4 paper, only took the luggage weight I had booked, hey presto a piece of cake and even enjoyable.

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1. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

That is the normal reaction and the same experience I had over 50+ sectors.

Nearly 80 million pax a year,most of them very happy but do expect the vocal detractors here on this forum to wade in with the negatives.

Southport, Australia
posts: 1,292
reviews: 60
2. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Yes I am waiting to be torn to shreds!

Edinburgh, United...
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3. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Same experience here with hundreds of Ryanair-flights over the years under my belt. But then again, I've never really had an issue with any airline ever so maybe I'm just lucky :)

Leicester, United...
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4. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Yup, dozens (well into three figures) of sectors with them over the years. I actually think they have improved over the past few years, albeit some of the positive changes have been forced on them. The most recent is that the headline price is actually the price you pay, assuming you don't use a credit card (and the surcharge for that is now quite reasonable). It makes the flights look more expensive (no more 1p flights that turn into £20 after taxes and fees) but it is easier to compare options now.

I like the a la carte pricing. My next flight is in a week's time to Sardinia. I needed no extras and paid by debit card. £65 return for for two flights lasting over two hours each is a bargain IMO. Even with luggage it would have been reasonable, although looking at peak season the prices are getting close to longhaul levels.

I have had a few bad experiences with delays and cancellations, and overall I would opt for an alternative when routes and price are similar, but I am happy to use them when they suit my needs.

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Seahouses, United...
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5. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Nobody will be torn to shreds. Two flights with both having problems..lousy or non existant Customer relations. As with the posters, it is my experience and my opinion..would not touch them with a bargepole for many reasons.

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6. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Get this thread down quickly, surly they must have scammed you, spoke in a nasty way, not carried you to your seat. They must have at least tried to get you to pay extra for your luggage, even if the correct size and weight. You were very lucky to get away using A4, Ryanair will be bringing in a new size do A3 13/16 paper that you can only buy from them.

You were so lucky, just like the majority of the other 80 million, who know what they are buying and do not expect to be treated like royalty.

Really glad a positive post have been put on, but I will watch for later...........

Southport, Australia
posts: 1,292
reviews: 60
7. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Mickt at first I thought you were having a go, then I read on, yes a good post on your part. And yes I did pay for luggage but the fare did not charge tax, so I am one happy traveller. I could start a fan club!

Amsterdam, The...
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8. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Whilst it's well known I am not a fan and will not fly them, plenty of people like yourself who read the rules get transported from a to b in relative comfort. Well relative to being encased in a straight jacket whilst having hot pins inserted in your toenails anyway.

I am very happy that you and Ryanair have a new relationship. I wish you all the best and hope you'll be happy together.

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Kent, United Kingdom
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9. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Never flown with them but how great to see a few words of praise instead of the usual "Avoid" or "never fly with" rant.

Thanks for a positive, non-slagging-off review. Helps redress the balance!

Ebbw Vale, United...
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for Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza
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10. Re: A word of praise for Ryan Air!

Flew last week from Bristol to Ibiza and back (including a bag of duty paid bought at each airport). No problems just follow the rules. People at Bristol and Ibiza trying to repack cases and complaining. !5Kg is 15Kg not 17.5Kg that the chap in front of me was complaining about.