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Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

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Allegiant "free" carry on allowance


Have a short trip booked in August for BLI-RNO. Didn't pay for checked bag online as of yet, as I am not sure if I need to. I have plans to pack a few shirts and other unmentionables in a back pack which will fit under the seat in front of me without issue. The length dimension of my backpack are slightly larger than the allowed measurements. However, it will be less than half full and can be folded over to fit those dimensions easily. How do they measure? I don't want to have to pay in advance if I won't need to, but I also don't want to be stuck with a larger bill if they get sticky about it. Anyone flown them recently had an issue with this?

Thank you!

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1. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

I fly on Allegiant fairly often, and rarely pay to check luggage or for a carry-on. I've actually been on the hunt for the PERFECT "Allegiant personal item" piece of luggage with no success yet, so have traveled with smaller backpacks. They've always measured slightly taller than allowed, but I don't fill them to the max so they can fold down to within the requirements. I've never once had anyone question my bags, although they seem to monitor it more closely at the St Pete/Clearwater Airport than others I've used.

I travel with my work laptop (15" model) and clothes for up to 2 weeks in my "personal item" bag, although I'm typically visiting my mom so I don't take toiletries and such as I have items I leave there.

You can add a paid bag any time prior to check-in. I've added them when checking in online, and called to pay for one on the way to the airport to check in. I never pay for one when I book my tickets.

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2. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

You could wrap you bag with string of some sort to reduce it to the right dimensions. Why worry that you might get some jobsworth on the day?

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Vancouver BC
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3. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

That's what I thought inmomx3, just wanted to hear about other's experienced to make sure. I plan on bringing a copy of the baggage guidelines to point out the statement regarding if it fits under the seat in front of you, it's free, just in case I get a "jobsworth". Haven't heard that term in a long time, Leagle!

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4. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

There are dimension guidelines for the personal item. Just because it fits under the seat is no guarantee they will allow it. 7X15X16 is a small backpack. This from Allegiant...

What are some examples of a Personal Item?

1.Male or female purse

2. Briefcase

3. Laptop computer

4. Camera case

5. Portable electronic devices of similar or smaller size to items listed above

6. The exterior dimensions for a personal item must not exceed 7" H X 15" W X 16" D (this measurement includes wheels, pockets, handles and decorations).

7. The personal item must be placed under the seat in front of you.

8. An oversized personal item may be considered a carry-on bag (fees apply). Please measure your bags carefully.

Some airport and some crews will be more stricty than others. My home airport rarely measures using the baggage cage. but, i ahve seen them in use at SFB, MCO, and LAS. Not everytime- but they do measure.

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5. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

Hello! I was just about ready to post the same question and I noticed you had beat me to it. Did you have any luck, or did they measure your bag? I have a laptop bag, but it measures an inch too wide. The H & D dimensions are each an inch shorter than required. Thank you!

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6. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

I ended up paying for a larger carryon suitcase between the two of us to allow for souveniers and such. My husband packed his backpack, and I had a carry on purse/bag which were both a little larger than the allowed measurements. Both those bags were able to fit under the seat at our feet, so no one batted an eye at them. That was in the Bellingham and Reno airports. Whether that would work for you or not where you're flying from/to, I can't say. I think as long as it fits under the seat and you don't have to put it up in the overhead bins, you should be fine. Good luck!

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7. Re: Allegiant "free" carry on allowance

Thank you! That was very helpful!

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