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US Airways Never Ever again!

Oro Valley, Arizona
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US Airways Never Ever again!

My wife and I just took US Airways to our Honeymoon in Jamiaca (April 10th, 2013 out and April 18th, 2013 back). This was the worst experience of our trip. We had to take a total of 6 flights to get there we managed to make 5 out of those 6. But every single one of them was late! Our first flight out of Tucson was more than 30 minutes late pushing back from the gate. Only by the grace of them listing a 30 minute flight as 60 minutes did we manage to not miss our first connection of the trip as we landed and deplaned more than 40 minutes late (not the way you want to start a trip!!) We then flew into Charoltte and the plane was so late that they had to announce that anyone NOT making a tight connection please stay seated so those needing to make another plane could have a shot. My wife and I were standing on a plane waiting to deplane with only 10 minutes of our scheduled 60 minute lay-over remaining. Only by luck did we manage to make it to the next plane on time (the next plane was two gates down from our flight in.). But no to worry... that one was more than 25 minutes late too. So we could have had a liesurly stroll.

On the way back it was even worse. The plane departed late. And in Charolette we needed to deplane, go through imigration, get our bags and then re-check and re-enter security. (We had 90 minutes to do this at the start of our trip and our plane was already late!!). We managed to do this (only because ours was the only flight in the international terminal so we had customs and imigration all to ourselves). Made it to the next gate with 10 minutes to spare (whew!). Then when we got there our 7:59pm flight was delayed to 8:17. When we managed to get on board however, it was 8:40!!! We now have a 4 hour flight and the last flight of the day from Phoenex to Tucson still ahead of us. Our 30 minute layover time is now at less than 10 minutes and we haven't even pushed from the gate! Flying to Tucson we landed after 10:00pm and our scheduled Tucson flight was at 9:55.

There were 10 people on this flight trying to go to Tucson. When we deplane we find out the only flight (of the 6 we were scheduled to take) to leave on time was our flight home.

Customer service promptly told us this wasn't their fault and we could sleep in the airport or get a hotel (at our cost!!) and leave in the morning.

I understand that there are somethings out of an airline's control and sometimes you will be late when it isn't your fault. Acts of god do happen. But when 5/5 flights are late, that's not an act of god, that's a pattern!

The seats are cramped, there is no in-flight movie (even on trips more than 3 hours). No blankets, no pillows, no peanuts or pretzles.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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1. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

How come a short flight from the US to Jamaica requires 6 stops. Did you not realise this when you made the booking. Did you not realise how tight some of the connections were.

The whole thing sounds like a disaster waiting to happen - and it was

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Destination Expert
for Livigno, Lombardy
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2. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

I'm also perplexed, how come you booked all those flight legs just to get to Jamaica?

London, United...
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3. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

6 stops? Seriously???? Why would you ever book that? Whatever saving cannot have been worth it. Of course a disaster waiting to happen, especially with the short layovers you booked.

Next time, do min stops, which I think is one or two and leave a reasonable time ie 3 hours or so in between flights. This was a beyond crazy plan.

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4. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

Here, most of the blame should go on the person booking the flights- not the airline.

Typically any domestic connection scheduled for 60 min or less is already considered risky. Delays under 45 minutes should really be built into your plan when booking. Also, booking 6 flights when you could have booked only 4 sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. NEVER book more connections than absolutely necessary or you are just asking for problems!

I don't find that these problems are unique or would discourage anyone from booking US air. As a professional that flys over 150 flights a year, I can confidently say that US has one of the better on-time records for US carriers.

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

The seats are cramped, there is no in-flight movie (even on trips more than 3 hours). No blankets, no pillows, no peanuts or pretzles.


I guess you haven't been on a plane lately. In economy, you won't get a blanket, pillow or snacks on almost any domestic flight anymore, unless you are on a plane that will sell it to you. And yes, US has no entertainment for these flights, but you could have found this out by looking at their webpage. I understand the connections; there's no other way to fly TUS-MBJ on US.

At least you made it home safely, and I assume had a good trip.

Destination Expert
for Las Vegas, Washington DC, County Donegal, Western Ireland
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6. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

You got on 5 of your 6 flights! An 83% success rate. Pretty good considering someone ("you?) booked flights with such short connections.

Any time you book a flight that is the last flight out to your destination, AND it's booked with only a 30 minute connection time, you're taking a risk.And you probably had little to no choice to book it that way. So just build the $100 for a hotel into the vacation budget and grab a room for the night. Life goes on.

Quebec City
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7. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

I'm sorry to say, this is really more a case of "live and learn" than the airline's fault. I agree that you encountered a lot of delays. BUT, I will echo the above replies: Why so many connections? And you have now learned that 30 minute connections are unrealistic (even 60 minutes would make me uneasy.) And did you not know you would need to go through immigration and customs upon your return to the US? That is regardless of the airline, BTW. 90 minutes conection for this is really risky, IMO.

I'm sorry. I wish we could all tell you you are right and that US Airways were wrong. That is not the case. So many delays is unfortunate, but with so many connections, and many of them very tight, things were bound to happen. Congratulations on your wedding!

United Kingdom
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8. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

6 flights from Tucson to Jamaica?

Where were you flying via, Papua New Guinea, Moscow, Singapore ?


London, United...
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9. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

Maybe booked at rtw ticket by mistake:))

North Carolina
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10. Re: US Airways Never Ever again!

Poorly written but I assume they took three flights down and three flights back. I wonder if he'd ever flown before.