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ryanair online check in

Derry, United...
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ryanair online check in

hi i know this sounds really stupid but i checked in online with ryanair flight from liverpool to derry, ive an irish passport although live in northern ireland, in the country of issue box i selected ireland, but when i printed boarding pass it says nationality united kingdom?? have i messed up?? thanks in advance to any replies

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Worthing, United...
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1. Re: ryanair online check in


Phone Ryanair, they are the only ones who can advise you on this one.

Not sure about Ryanair but can you re-enter your passport details after you have checked in.


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2. Re: ryanair online check in

Hi sharlene

Can't speak for Ryanair, but when I booked flights recently for friends with Jet2 and entered API for eg, when asking country of issue,Scotland was amongst choice, which I selected. When asked nationality, Scotland was not among choice and it then became obvious to me i needed to select UK. Scotland part of the UK, as is Ireland. that's probably why nationality coming up as United Kingdom. I did phone to check this and I was right. Printed boarding passes no problem. Always best to check with Airline though. Hope this helps!


White Beach...
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3. Re: ryanair online check in

Margaurite, Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom! The poster has an Irish passport but lives in Northern Ireland(which IS part of the United Kingdom) The way she explained it sounds like it was entered correctly but Ryan Air mistake. You'll need to contact them.

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Port Glasgow...
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4. Re: ryanair online check in

I am flying out with you on 29 May, and have just noticed that On the beach, have spelt my name slightly different, same spelling, but with a capital A instead of small a, my name is Ms Conway, they have Printed Ms Conw Ay, will this be Ok at check in?

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5. Re: ryanair online check in

Oh dear :-(

Linda, you are NOT "flying out with you on 29 May". This is a internet forum with ordinary people on it, its not Ryanair !!

Unfortunately you are using OTB which is notorious here for stuffing up things. I suggest you call OTB and see if they will change it for free, or failing that call Ryanair, say your name is misspelled and see if they will change it. There may be other complications to do with on line checkin because you are using OTB that I dont even know where to start with except to say, make sure you get onlien checkin. Whether thats direct or through OTB i dont know, call them and ask.

Port Glasgow...
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6. Re: ryanair online check in

Thanks will try that .

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7. Re: ryanair online check in

I've just cocked up an "online check in" I have inadvertently made my wife Swiss by clicking on the wrong bit of drop down menu.

I'm not sure what I should do about it.

There is no way you can change this document once you have entered the info.

a) I could just try to use the boarding pass I've printed.

b) I could ring up Ryanair .. they love this as it makes them money.

c) I could forge a new document and paste "UNITED KINGDOM" over "SWITZERLAND"

I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this and I wont be the last.

I believe that the on-line check in for Ryanair should be plain and simple and not an on-line method of trying to "upsell" and confuse.

There are several software boggies in this form which irritate and compound the likelihood of getting it wrong.

Although I think Ryanair are a pretty good air line and they have done more to open up Europe than the EEC, the way they treat us passengers is a little short of humiliating.

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8. Re: ryanair online check in

b) I could ring up Ryanair .. they love this as it makes them money.


Two things to say about that, and no i dont work for them, indeed i have never flown Ryanair because I don't like the way they do business.

1. They have a very good record here of correcting minor mistakes over the phone for free, get on and phone them.

2. Please don't whine about the costs of calling them, or the way they treat customers being humiliating, you knew all that upfront before you made a free choice to book with them.

Watford, United...
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9. Re: ryanair online check in

c) I could forge a new document and paste "UNITED KINGDOM" over "SWITZERLAND


Yes, forge a travel document. All to avoid the cost of a phone call...Wise move.

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10. Re: ryanair online check in

Thanks for the advice Joe!

I'll do just that and if all works well I'll stop whining.

I cant understand how you have managed never to fly with them. ???

I must admit I'm in a very well served part of the country for "low cost" flights. I'm 35 minutes from either EZjets at Luton or "OurLady Air" in Stansted. Of the two I used to prefer Ryan, but I feel that over the years between them they have managed to change the whole experience of flying and I dont think its for the better.

You've got to give it to them, that flights have a better punctuality record now than in the past.

I can understand that profit is the main motive for the business, but I just feel that the booking and on-line check in has just become a bit too aggressive and as its such a stressy thing to do why make it harder with all the up sell?

For car hire, priority boarding, travel insurance, buy luggage etc.

Anyway I'll report back on how its handled.

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