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Left a Kindle on a United flight...

Dallas, Texas
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Left a Kindle on a United flight...

We flew as part of a group of 11 overnight on United from EWR to FRA on March 9th, connecting on to BLQ on March 10th. United gave us all of the worst seats on the plane, scattering our group all over. Our 15-year-old daughter was seated many rows behind my husband and even further behind me. The result was that she ended up leaving her Kindle on the airplane, even though my husband checked the area around her seat before she deplaned.

After we arrived home on March 17th, we used United's online "lost property" form to try to retrieve the lost Kindle. I re-entered the information again this week, but have heard nothing from United beyond the standard "we received your information" reply. Is there any hope at this point of getting her Kindle back? Is there anything else I can do to expedite this?

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1. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

I wouldn't hold your breathe...short of calling or writing the lost and found department, which still won't likely yield results, your best bet is to buy a new kindle. Luckily, they're cheaper than ever now.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

"Is there any hope at this point of getting her Kindle back?" - Not much

"Is there anything else I can do to expedite this?" - Probably not

Can you claim on your insurance - you wont be the first or the last to leave stuff on a plane.

South Pole
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3. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

all kids' electronics should be chained to their wrists

Seattle, Washington
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4. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

Why didn't you choose seats together when you purchased your tickets, and what does the fact that your 15 year old daughter wasn't seated with you have to do with the fact she left her Kindle on the plane?

I don' t think there's anything else you can do. Good luck getting it back. At least it was not a really expensive item. When my kids do something careless like this, I make them pay for it. They tend now to be a little more careful with their belongings.

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5. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

I'm a bit confused as to why you think the loss was 'a result of' your group being scattered all over the plane or being seated in the worst seat? I've left stuff on planes to - because of my own forgetfulness. Nothing to do with the airline. Perhaps it's just the way I read it????

A great opportunity here to teach your daughter something about action and consequences and responsibility.

It may be worth a call to the airport's lost an found - but as others have said, I wouldn't hold my breath.

There's a number for United lost and found. (800-221-6903). Perhaps your daughter could call them?

Watford, United...
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6. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

Yes Eva I agree. The result was not because of the airline scattering the party about the plane, it was because daughter was careless.

Claim on travel insurance if the excess isn't too high and move on.

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

I agree with the others. I wouldn't hold out any hope of getting it back. That plane would have flown many many segments after your flight and before you reported it lost. Who knows what could have happened to it?

If it's any consolation, I mislaid my noise cancelling headphones on a United flight a couple of months ago. I don't expect to get them back and so I'm moving on and will be buying another pair for my upcoming long haul. I've learned my own lesson to be more diligent in the future, and so should your daughter.

Calgary, Canada
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8. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

Not to state the obvious - but have you contacted Amazon to de-register the device?

I suspect whoever found it kept it for themselves..... people are like that. I was heartened and pleasantly surprised when I boarded a flight a few months ago and the person sitting across the aisle found an ipad in the seatback pocket, called the FA and it was off the flight before we left the gate. Hopefully the owner was reunited with it.

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for Bangkok, Air Travel, Thailand
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9. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...


I agree with the others in that the seating issue isn't what really caused the "lost" property ... And I think we all know that.

Here's my actionable suggestion for you - and yes, it takes some leg work on your part (and I might offer as a suggestion that if age appropriate you involve your child as a learning process/experience)

Physicaly go to the United counter at your home airport and speak with a Supervisor there..

Explain the situation to him/her.. And then ask *nicely* for the physcial station phone numbers of either EWR, MUC or both - BLQ is a non-UA served city, so their "presence" there will be a partner presence, therefore your options limited..

Each airline also has internal departmental codes that they use to better define departments and to facilitate the sending of intra-company email, parcels and even intra-carrier messges.. In many cases, a carrier lists their internal phone directory not by "plain language" text, but by this two-letter departmental code.

These codes can vary based on the carrier.. What Thai Airways here in Bangkok uses is different than what United uses or what Singapore uses..

What you want is their local phone numbers for the station operations office or customer service; and for UA, those codes would be EWROZ or EWROO and in the case of MUC, it would be MUCOZ as that's a smaller station.

United, like most carries does not want or encourage the public to phone local stations.. They're just not set up to handle incoming phone calls as most of the airport people are operational; they spend most of their time out of the physical office and in "the field" be that at the gates, on the ramp, etc.. So don't be surprised if your request is denied..

When, and IF you can and do get into contact with EWR or MUC, ask to speak to a Customer Service supervisor or equivalent.. These folks are the ones who will be in the best position to know what they actually have locally on-hand, and put you into contact with their local L&F clerks (who commonly are a part of baggage service)

EWR is a huge hub for UA, so you might have to try several times.. MUC is much smaller.

Again, this process isn't easy and requires some leg work on your part, but largely its the best way to speak to someone locally whose is actually there to see what is or is not on hand.

Do remember that carriers aren't liable for passengers' left on board items, and rightly or wrongly, they don't expend large amounts of labor or resources to this reunification effort, so bear that in mind when and if you choose to go down this road.

Travel Safe,

Edited: 7:55 pm, April 07, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia
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10. Re: Left a Kindle on a United flight...

I would add that when stating your claim to United, you might want to avoid attributing this to the fact that you weren't seated together. I can't see how that was United's fault, or how it caused your daughter to be careless. Your case will carry more weight without this unrelated complaint.