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Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

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Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers


In a few days time i will be using London Gatwick airport for the 1st time and i was wondering if anybody knew what the policy was when it came to Asthma inhalers(Ventolin). Through security.

Should mention this is a 5 day trip to Sicily,

so i will need to take the one I'm actuary using,

along with a spare inhaler in-case my checked luggage goes missing.

Anybody had problems with this?

how did you carry them(liquids bag,in their box etc...)

Sorry for stupid questions haven't flown commercially for a couple of years.

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1. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Haven't been through Gatwick in years, but I fly with an asthma inhaler several times a year, to many different destinations. I don't even bother to put them in the "liquids/gels" bag. As asthma inhalers are necessary medication, I don't think anyone has any problem with these being brought on board. Prescription medication & equipment, whether solid, liquid or inhaled are allowed.

Much better to carry an inhaler than risk having a severe asthma attack & needing emergency treatment or even diversion of aircraft for medical care!

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2. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

It isn't a stupid question at all.

Since medications aren't subject to the same restrictions as other liquids, you should be able to place a ventolin inhaler in your carryon bag's washbag without worry about it attracting attention.

But if there is room in the clear plastic liquids bag, I'd say place your inhaler in that bag. Although it's not necessary, doing so may make the trip through Security an easier one overall.

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3. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Thanks for the reply's,

I'm thinking i will probably going to put one in it's box which has a prescription label on it, in my liquids bag.

And just leave the one I'm using on it's own in the tray.

I'm going to pick up a copy of my prescription from my GP surgery Monday, in the rare case security decide to challenge me anyway.

Besides I'm sure they can guess why a 16 year old has prescription medication on him when he's quite clearly going on a trip with 45 other people.

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4. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Covered in here two years ago tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k37244…

(Summary, fine in hand luggage, no need to put them in the liquids bag)

Edited: 2:50 am, April 07, 2013
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5. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Never put medication in your checked baggage. There is no reason not to keep your spare inhaler with you on the plane.

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6. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

I also have prescription drugs that are liquid. I don't put them in the usual ziplock bag, but I do bring them to the attention of the security folks in front of the checking machine, and ask what I should do with them. That way they know what is coming through. The answers have usually been different, depending on the airport, but I have never ever had a problem with them. Taking the box with a label on it would possibly deal with any added questions - my doctor wrote me a letter "to whom it may concern" stating that I needed the drugs with me. I carried it with me the first few times, but was never ever asked to show it.

Enjoy your trip!

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7. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers


Got 2 of my relief inhalers(Ventolin) and my Qvar inhaler, along with a repeat prescription signed by my GP

in my liquids bag ready for a 01:00am start Wednesday.

Good thing there isn't any other liquids i need to take through security, apart from the inhalers.

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8. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Inhalers are fine in your hand luggage, although Gatwick Airport's security info says spare canisters should be packed in checked in luggage.

See the second page of their security leaflet here: gatwickairport.com/Documents/Security/50317_…

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9. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers


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10. Re: Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers

Strange, I thought you should never put medicine in checked luggage.