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Diverted United Plane Story

Quebec City
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Diverted United Plane Story

Has anyone seen this one? It is "interesting"... I have a feeling there's more to the story, though. And how long before we see posts of people looking for compensation after this delay? :-)


Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

Definitely more to the story...

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2. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

There's a thread that's been running on FlyerTalk since Tuesday.


I have read the first 12 pages of that FT thread. And so far, from what I have read, we have only heard one side of the story, that of the pax ejected.

Romford, United...
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3. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

Yep-read the story this morning and thought it was a bit odd, like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut if you believe the chain of events but just in case it's true-never going to complain about stale peanuts ever!!!

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4. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

Don't worry, I've never seen peanuts offered on UA.

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5. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

Next time fly Southwest .

Edited: 8:22 pm, April 05, 2013
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6. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

Hmm, the couple say the passengers behind and around about were agreeing, as such, this means a lot of people were involved and aware of what was going on. If you make a quiet request to the cabin crew other people are not even aware, never mind involved and passing opinion.

My assumption would be this family kicked up such a fuss, got other passengerrs involved and that's why the plane was diverted and why they were subsequently escorted off by security.

However of course they are not going to publicly admit any such thing in an article.

South Pole
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7. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

an interesting sidelight to this story is the acceptable content of movies shown on airlines.

most come with the caveat 'modified for alirline use' so u would expect that the majority are suitable for general consumption

those shown on cabin screens (which is a rarity these days) surely would need a bit more scrutiny esp from a visual point of view.

on a recent SQ a380 flight i noticed that a lot of film titles for the IFE had a rating of the australian equivalent MA+15. it was noted that u could arrange to have content blocked by staff on a seat by seat basis if u didn't want your kids to watch certain stuff on their IFE.

fine i would have thought. but it was so easy for them to look thru the gap in the seats at the screen of the pax in front of them and see what lots of parents would consider unsuitable.

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8. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

I guess this issue exists though with personal seat back screens. You can be sitting watching a movie unsuitable for kids with a child in the next seat etc, who just has to turn their head and can watch exactly what you are watching.

South Pole
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9. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

doesn't seem to happen on the SQ a380 screens froggy.

i am not a techy but apparently u have to be sitting directly (or almost directly) in front of the screen to see it.

pax to the side cant.

i know there is similar screen technology for protecting the security of computer content.

London, United...
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10. Re: Diverted United Plane Story

True, I guess I am thinking of etihad and united. On etihad in economy I could clearly see what my husband was watching by looking round, and a couple of weeks ago in united, in business, I could clearly see the couple one row up and opposite watching " the life of pi"....:))