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Ryan Air

Novato, CA
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Ryan Air

Do you have critiques of ryan Air?

Amsterdam, The...
Destination Expert
for Amsterdam
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1. Re: Ryan Air

Yes and if you want to see them best use the search box above.

Edinburgh, United...
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2. Re: Ryan Air

No shortage of those. My experience (based on hundreds of flights with them over more than a decade) is that if you can accept that your flight will be no frills included (unless you pay extra for them) and you follow their rules about luggage dimensions, online check-in, and so on, they'll get you from A to B as reliably and efficiently as most other airlines. I've yet to have a problem on any of their flights outside the odd minor delay.

Worthing, United...
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3. Re: Ryan Air

The first rule of travelling with Ryabair is follow the rules!!!!! I've never had a problem with them, because I could be bothered to read the rules.

Just one more thing to remember, nothing is free. I really mean nothing.

Somerset, UK
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4. Re: Ryan Air

A wise man once said that flying Ryanair is like incest or folkdancing. You know it exists but you should have absolutely have nothing to do with it.

Worthing, United...
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5. Re: Ryan Air

Oh Spiney, we've been there before. ;-))


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6. Re: Ryan Air

Great airline for getting from A to B, most people who complain about them think Ryanair should let them do what they want and he rules don't apply to them.

If at anytime you see anybody mention scam, then disregard their views straight away. There are no scams, just people not reading the t&c's.

Romford, United...
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7. Re: Ryan Air

There are hundreds of thousands of anti/pro supporters of Ryanair and they are the classic example of a no frills/no spills LCC and if the CEO had his way he would charge pax extra for using the on board restrooms(I kid you not) however every year they make big profits and are responsible for the majors getting realistic on their pricing on European flights

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Dublin, Ireland
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for Seminyak, Ubud, Bali, Dublin
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8. Re: Ryan Air

As many I've flown with them lots of times and the only few instances where I had to pay extra was my own fault, forgetting my printed boarding pass home was stupid and expensive ;)

Otherwise familiarize yourself with their rules, follow them and you'll be fine. Almost 80 Million people used them in 2012, that's a sign..

Amsterdam, The...
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9. Re: Ryan Air

Great Airline,

just follow the rules, which are much clearer documented last years, and sent by mail.

Seahouses, United...
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10. Re: Ryan Air

Probably the only airline which says you will be charged a massive amount if you do not check in on line BUT then charge you for doing it!. Obviously not a scam! lol.