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Advice please,

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Advice please,

We are do to travel to Jamaica in three weeks with Thomson airlines,we booked some time ago and at the time of booking we got the agent to call Thomsons to confirm Premier class was available.

I have just received a call to say they have changed aircraft and there will be no premier class seating also there are no extra leg room seats available,the issues are a few years ago i got the old blood clot and ever since travelled premier class.

They have refused a refund and literally it is take it or leave it,what a bunch ,any advice would be appreciated of what i can do ,if anything.

I have no guarantee we will even be sitting together

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1. Re: Advice please,

not much you can do. when you bought the package you agreed to their terms. they reserve the right to change equipment, even where this impacts upon upgrades they have already sold. such a change does not count as a 'major change' according to their terms.

if you have a previous history of DVT, would your doctor write a letter advising against travel in these new circumstances? [there may be a charge for this]. in which case, you might be able to claim part of your lost money from your insurers. [i am assuming you are going to cancel your trip]. however, this approach would depend on you having declared your DVT history to your insurers, and their having agreed to cover you for it...


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2. Re: Advice please,

I beleive EU261 compensation is due for this, and probably given the distance, 75% of the cost of the WHOLE TICKET (not just the difference)!

If you point that out they may be more willing to play ball with a refund or bump some other unfortunate.

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3. Re: Advice please,

Premium Economy is still economy, so hardly a downgrade.

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4. Re: Advice please,

"we booked some time ago and at the time of booking we got the agent to call Thomsons to confirm Premier class was available."


When the agent confirmed there was Premier seats available, did you book and pay for them at this point - or was it just you wanted confirmation and had only paid for economy seating?

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5. Re: Advice please,

Premium Economy is still economy, so hardly a downgrade.


Of course its a downgrade. It costs more, has wider seats and more legroom.

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6. Re: Advice please,

Whether there's a genuine downgrade or not will, I think, depend on whether PE is counted as a different cabin-class or is simply a word for economy seats with extra legroom. For instance, PE on BA is a separate cabin-class from economy which is (partly) reflected in the higher APD you pay when travelling in that class. Not sure what the case is with Thomson though.

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7. Re: Advice please,

Sun magic we paid in full at the time we got confirmation from Thomson,things have moved on a bit now I have since been to the Thomson agent and really think they had no intention of providing a Premier service given they have put on a 767 similar plane without the Premier service.

In the circumstances you would have expected them to offer you the same seat numbers in row 1 to 8 but no they claim they are already booked ,how can that be if they only made the decision this morning to use a different plane

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8. Re: Advice please,

Others will be able to give you better advice but if you paid for the upgrade and it was confirmed I can't see how they can get away with not giving you a refund, it's not your fault that they changed the plane.

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9. Re: Advice please,

Thomsons don't schedule their longhaul flights on aircraft without premium cabins. They do have two different configuration of aircraft, some with less premium seats than others, so maybe you're aircraft has been swapped for one of these? When this happens some passengers get moved to economy whilst others stay in premium, which possibly explains why they couldn't allocate your original seat numbers. Passengers are usually move depending on when they booked. So people that booked premium early stay put, those that booked later get moved.

EU261 does cover for downgrading, but when the flight is part of a package, it's how the cost of the ticket is determined that causes problems. Having been in a position on enquiring about abandoning a package after a 5 hour delay, the cost of the ticket element in a package holiday, is nowhere near the cost of a ticket if bought as flight only.

When you say they refused a refund, do you mean they refused to let you cancel with a full refund, or they refused to refund the Premium upgrade supplement?

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10. Re: Advice please,

Leyland I have checked with Thomsons the accuracy of your comments and they have confirmed thy have 767 aircraft which do not have Premium cabins,they have offered a refund for the cabin difference,but the argument I had was I only booked the holiday after confirmation of the Premium package being available