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Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

Pasadena, California
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Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

I bought 4 TACA air tickets through Vayama for a family vacation to Costa Rica. Tried to do an online check in day before the trip and found out that I was only able to check in 3 pax online. I immediately called Vayama (I had an email confirmation from Vayama for all 4 tickets with ticket numbers) and Vayama blamed it on Taca ticketing. None of the Vayama agents could find my ticket although I had a written email confirmation for aqll 4 tickets. I even spoke to their supervisor (Melissa) who told me that I will not be able to travel with my family if I did not purchase another ticket at my own cost. None of my ticketing problem was their fault. I told Melissa that Vayama should absorb the cost of paying for my ticket as I had booked directly with Vayama and that I should not have to deal with Taca directly since I had booked with Vayama and not Taca, She was totally unhelpful and quickly dismissed it as a Taca problem and not Vayama's. I eventually resolved my problem with TACA but I will NEVER book with Vayama ever and I would caution travellers to be aware when buying tickets through Vayama. Vayama will not take any responsibility for ticketing problems even though it was booked through them.

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1. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

She was totally unhelpful and quickly dismissed it as a Taca problem and not Vayama's. I eventually resolved my problem with TACA


Well in that case, it sounds to me as if in fact it WAS a TAC problem so Vayama were correct?

One thing you have to understand with most of these third parties, in addition to rarely saving you money, and causing a lot of hassle merely when an issue arises simply because two parties are involved, they are not travel agents, they are just a means to sell you a ticket.

So they rarely take on responsibility unless it is actually and definitely their problem. Why should they, they are getting very little cut of the ticket price. they run at slim margins with few staff. This is the direct consequence of their customers, who try to save a few sheckels/moolah/dollars/pounds at any cost in terms of quality, service and reliability.

You are wanting to have your cake and eat it, obtain a ticket at lower price, *and* have full travel agent service. Ain't gonna happen. Ticket at lower price and awful service, maybe.

Seattle, Washington
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2. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

OP - Did you ever go to TACA's webpage and check your itinerary between the time you purchased your tickets and the time you tried to check in? If you had done so, maybe this problem could have been corrected earlier.

Sounds as if it was the airline's fault. Glad you were able to resolve this.

Liverpool, UK
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3. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

I assume you bought tickets through Vayama because you saved a little money but I'm afraid your warning will not deter any future customers from this or any other 3rd party website whilst customers focus on price alone rather than also considering the level of service being received.

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

See my comment about BudgetAir.

Pasadena, California
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5. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

Our tickets were booked with Vayama, not Taca.

Our airticket confirmations came from Vayama, not Taca.

Any ticketing issue or problems that I had should be dealt with by Vayama. not Taca.

Vayama's ticket prices were not cheaper than other websites.

It was very convenient for them to simply ask me to buy another ticket, without any consideration of reimbursement. when I had already purchased 4 full price tickets from them.

We travel frequently and never had any problems buying tickets from other websites, especially with email ticket confirmations. I should have read all the posted complaints about Vayama before I purchased tickets from them.

Vayama gave me 4 ticket confirmations, so I see no reason why they cannot trace where the missing ticket went. Like I mentioned earlier, the air ticket prices were not cheaper than others on the website.

I was just unfortunate that I picked the Vayama website to buy the tickets.

Pico Rivera...
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6. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

As working in the travel industry for many years with the 2 of the top consolidators in the US, I understand the frustration of many customers when they buy airline tickets through these discount travel agencies. I've had many customers call us because the airline would give them our number and I would hear the complaints. Airlines will give the number to the ticketing agency in this case if Vayama is not the ticketing agency it will be one of the consolidators. To let you know how this works is that these discount agencies depend on these consolidators to issue these tickets. In some cases its all about volume of tickets sold and with new technology you speak less to a live travel agent for assistance until you have a problem then when you finally get a hold of someone they don't know what to say and make some kind of excuse. In your case it looks like the consolidator that Vayama buys from issued the ticket but for some reason voided the ticket and more than likely forgot to issue it again that same day. I have seen this happen many times. I remember the old days when the travel agents would call us to make those reservations, once payment was submitted I would just issue the tickets on the spot and send the agency their confirmed tickets via email. I no longer work in consolidation as it's not like it use to be, you work hard to give the best customer service and you get in trouble for helping a customer because it's not the company's problem or everything now is outsourced to another country and you lose your job for that. Hope this helps anyone out there that has these problems. I wish I would of been there to help out if these tickets were issue through these companies.

Pasadena, California
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7. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

I bought the tickets from Vayama not because they were offering better prices.

Other websites offered the same prices.

I did not foresee any problems with the ticketing as I had called Vayama a week before departure and confirmed with a live agent that all tickets were in order. I had received all 4 ticket confirmations very promptly after the online purchase.

All tickets were booked with ticket numbers on the confirmation.

Vayama tried to shirk their responsibility by telling me that the TACA flight was cancelled when I could not check in online. That was a blatant lie, of course. The supervisor at Vayama (Melissa) was almost hostile on the phone instead of trying to help. Bad service, overall.

Pasadena, California
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8. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

Thank you for your travel booking tips.

I wanted to share my bad booking experience on Vayama with other travellers

and while I managed to resolve this problem in time for my vacation, I hope

others will not have to deal bad customer service if they decide to book with Vayama.

Edinburgh, United...
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9. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

These companies compete almost exclusively on price. As far as service goes, they're not offering anything you can't get by going directly to the airline yourself and will often offer less. If you didn't save anything by buying through Vayama there is no reason I can see why you or anyone else should use them. That said, since you got your problem sorted with the airline I assume they were to blame for the error so not sure why it's Vayama you're upset with.

Edited: 5:44 pm, April 01, 2013
Bay Area, CA
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10. Re: Passengers Beware - Vayama bookings for air travel

jkjldk, I apologize for the frustrations caused working with vayama. Can you please email feedback@vayama.com including your vayama Trip ID and full passenger's name, so we are able to further review your reservation?

Thank you,


vayama Customer Support