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Flight Information Needed

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Flight Information Needed

Flight from Cardiff to Innsbruk 2007

today, 15:44

Please can anyone help me. My wife Daughter and myself flew to INNSBRUK from CARDIFF to go to SEEFELD, from Saturday January 13th to January Saturday 20th 2007. As our Flight home was delayed by approximately four to five hours, Under a new European Court Ruling , I believe we now have a claim for this delay.

Does anyone know the FLIGHT Number?. We flew on a THOMSON Ski Holiday, at approximately 1.30 pm from Cardiff on the 13th Jan 2007, and the delay was coming back from INNSBRUK where I believe the departure time wa 4.30pm , but owing to the delay we did not board the aircraft until 8.50pm, and when on board the Pilot of the aircraft, asked us to settle down quickly, as the airport was closing down at nine pm, and he was the last flight out. On taxiing, he found that a cargo door had been left open, and there was panic stations to get this closed by ground staff, so as he could make his departure on time. As we left we could see that all the INNSBRUK airfield lights turning off. Mentioned all this, as it may help someone to remember.

All the best

Edinburgh, Scotland
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1. Re: Flight Information Needed

Do you really mean 2007? ie 6 years ago?

You do know April Fool jokes should be done before noon?

Edited: 12:18 pm, April 01, 2013
Romford, United...
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2. Re: Flight Information Needed

As your flight occurred in January 2007 I think the new ruling will not apply to retrospective incidents and under UK law you will be time barred

Leyland, United...
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3. Re: Flight Information Needed

The EU regs do apply retrospectively, but the limitation on EU compensation claims in the UK is 6 years, so you are too late.

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: Flight Information Needed

There is a statute of limitations of six years for claims in the United Kingdom. The deadline for filing your claim was therefore January 20th 2013. As your flight was more than six years ago you won't be able to claim. Sorry.

London, United...
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5. Re: Flight Information Needed

Wow. Jan 2007.,,,,

Milford, Ohio
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6. Re: Flight Information Needed

No words..... Other things in life are way more important. Thanks goodness for the statute of limitations!!

Leyland, United...
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7. Re: Flight Information Needed

Trying to claim, even if the flight was a while ago, when you have all the relevant details is one thing, but when you haven't............

I'm not a fan of this latest EU regulation at all. I don't think it does anything for the already over developed compensation culture we have in the UK. Just my personal opinion.

Oxford, United...
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8. Re: Flight Information Needed

best post i've read in a while !

I would recommend the destination is spelt correctly.....

United Kingdom
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9. Re: Flight Information Needed

Oh, please!,


I have just about seen it all now. Maybe you could try claiming compensation because your mail was late when you got home, or the window cleaner missed the corners, or your houseplants died when the neighbour forgot to water them....

Put it behind you and move on, for your sake.

Leyland, United...
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10. Re: Flight Information Needed

Someone, and they're not the first, have just asked Thomas Cook if they have their flight details from 5 years ago. Please!!