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Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

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Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Hello Air Travel Forum: Just returned from a nightmare flight. We had confirmed reservations with Go! Airlines for inter-island travel between Kona and HNL (Flight #YV 1037). We arrived for the flight 2 hours early, only to be told upon checking in the baggage that the flight was delayed for 2 hours. We were scheduled to leave on flight YV 1037 at 5:00 p.m. and arrive HNL at 5:40 p.m.

When we were informed by the ticketing agent, I advised her that we had another flight with AA leaving HNL to LAX at 8:50 via 1st Class. She assured me that she would keep us updated. She told me that they had been delaying flights all day due to overbooking and passengers unwilling to volunteer their seats (its spring break after all) and thus, the airline having to force surrenders of seats.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. she located me in the holding area to advise me that the Go! flight had been delayed again, by another 40 minutes. She said it was highly unlikely I would make my AA flight at 8:50 p.m.. At this point, she told me that she had made arrangements with Delta for us to depart directly from Kona to LAX - without my knowledge or approval!

I contacted my AA rep to confirm that Go! had removed me from their flight. The rep then advised me that the Delta flight had 1st class availability, but Go! would only book us coach saying they had no control over the 1st class issue.

When I appeared at the Delta counter, I was told I could pay for the upgrade to 1st class, which I did. I then had to pay another $100 for baggage (with AA, 1st class has free baggage), plus I was not refunded the baggage charges from Go!, nor was I refunded my Go! ticket prices.

Of course, upon arrival in LAX, Go!'s customer service is shut down - it is out of order and I'm still fuming about the $1,000 in extra costs - any suggestions on how to attack this problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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1. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Ok, I'm a bit lost by this.

You will be due a refund right, from AA, as i am assuming the first class ticket was flexible? You did not have to accept the delta flight? What was your other option? When was the next AA flight?

You could have waited for the go flight to lax? However long that was?

It appears the agent did the best she could, to get you home, it's your choice if you fly first class or not, and your choice if you take the option presented.

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2. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Hi Froggy - there wasn't another option. Go! cancelled my first class flight with AA without my knowledge and then, about 30 minutes later, handed me a Delta coach ticket. By then, my options with AA were over as my ticket with them was gone.

Because my 1st class flight with American was cancelled, I was told to either take the Delta coach or find another way home.

Keep in mind that every flight in/out of Hawaii was/is booked solid for the next 7 days - or so I was told by both Go! and AA.

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3. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

If you had an economy ticket with Go then the Go rep can only purchase an economy ticket on another airline for you.

The Rep could have treated you as per all the other 200-300 odd passengers on the full flights meaning you would have ended up at your next destination late and with nothing. Your AA flight would have you listed as a no show meaning no refund. Cancelling before take off gets you your money back.

You fail to mention how the domestic Delta flight was paid for? Using the Go fare you want refunded? If anything you should recoup your money from AA to cover the differences

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4. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

I think the OP is miffed about the changes made to her reservations without discussions with her. That is simply not on!

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5. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation


To me, this sounds like a case of not enough cross communication..

I suspect the Go! agent cancelled the AA sector because the OP wasn't going to make it *and* that Go! agent had found space on a later section (DL) , but... that would be in Y, not F.

These actions combined make sense and really are in keeping with what I'd expect a carrier to do when I am a known misconnect passenger upline, and the carrier I'm flying is seeking to rebook my downlink sectors..

Where I think his went "bad" was that the Go! agent didn't tell the pax what s/he was doing or going to do..

This might be as easy as asking "since you are now going to miss your AA flight, I am going to cancel it so you're not a no-show in AA's system. I will also look for space on other carriers later in the day. However, if I can't find seats in F, are you OK with Y? Or would you prefer to wait until there is a flight with F seats?"

... And I think the OP could have asked more clarifying questions when speaking with the agent or better defining what s/he wanted in terms of a solution.

I think had better two-way communication been done, the matter would have been different-- the outcome I think might have been the same, but by better keepin the passenger "in the loop" I think this would have been better received.

Travel Safe,

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6. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

You rolled the dice picking Go! to connect you to your flight and lost.

Delta has free checked luggage in F, maybe you paid for the bags before the upgrade?


Hopefully you could recoup the baggage fee from Delta

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7. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Thanks for the replies, however, I'm looking for the federal agency that would help me with this problem. I see that the DOT has a complaint system, but it appears that its only a data base and not a agency that has any power of authority over the airline such as fines.

Does anyone know which of the federal agencies has the power to fine an airline for consistently overbooking flights and failure to deliver their contractual obligations?

As to the agent 'doing the best she could in the situation' - that isn't the issue.

Go! had a contract with me to deliver me to my destination within a reasonable time. It couldn't/wouldn't perform its contractual obligation because it voluntarily/unilaterally decided to overbook its flights (seems to be a consistent issue with this company as I've discovered over the past 24 hours). Because of Go!'s failure to perform its part of the contract, according to US commercial law, I'm entitled to compensation for damages I suffered, which in this case would be the cost of the upgraded ticket with Delta, the flight that was never completed with Go! and the baggage fees that I paid with both Delta and Go! Airlines are no different than any other business in the US - if it offers a service, is paid for that service, it is obligated to perform that service unless its excused for an 'act of God' issue, such as weather.

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8. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

You mention the contract - did you read the contract or are you assuming?

Contract of Carriage for Go! Airlines states:


Source: iflygo.com/docs/goContract_of_Carriage.pdf

If you feel that they have breached the terms of their contract with you when you bought the ticket, then please seek legal advice in order to initiate proceedings to obtain reparations. I am not seeing it, though.

The FAA is the federal agency that regulates airlines at http://www.faa.gov/ - you can do your own research there to find out if you have any recourse through them.

I'm really not sure how flight delays can be caused by overbooking, as you stated - and certainly not a 2 hour delay. I am speculating that the delay was due to other reasons.

However, in my totally sub subjective (and non-qualified opinion) they got you and your baggage to your destination by a more direct route than you had planned. You MAY be able to request (note "request", not "demand") that they refund your extra baggage fees, and I agree that the agent did not communicate at all well with you - those are things that I would bring up with the airline in a calm manner with a letter. That may get more of a result for you than the other courses you appear to be considering. There again, to use internet slang IANAL.

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9. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Hmmm. I agree it's a communication issue. I also agree that you need to read the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time if purchase, prior to making any formal complaint, as the terms and conditions will apply. It does look like no damages are applicable and you agreed to them at the time of purchase.

The most you can do is write a calm, non emotional letter of complaint to the airline, explaining the issue and what you expect in return. As there was no other flights out, it does appear that the agent did the best thing possible for you, but simply failed to communicate appropriately ( maybe understandable if under time pressure and so many customers), and you know you are not due damages, ie additional costs, so I am unsure what you can reasonably expect here. The alternate was you were a no show, lost the lot and were stuck in kona for a few days with no way to get out. Possibly they will give you some form of good will gesture.

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10. Re: Go! Airlines - Delayed Flight Compensation

Thanks Traveling Brit - I'll contact the FAA.

The 'story' we received from the ticketing agent is that the airline had over-bookings for all of its flights for the entire day. The 2 hour delay was the cumulative result of its all day flights being consistently overbooked, no one accepting the airline's offer to volunteer seats and the airline being forced to removed passengers from flights which caused cumulative take-off delays.

From the complaints posted on Yelp! I can see that this is a consistent problem that the airline is well aware of and experiences regularly. I'm hoping to find more info from either the DOT or FAA regarding the history of delays that Go! seems to accept as 'business as usual'.

In my 35+ years of legal experience, whether or not Go! can enforce its adhesion 'contract' which is not displayed on the ticket nor negotiated terms, is a matter of judicial decision - its not an absolute disclaimer of all responsibility without any possibility of legal recourse as you seem to suggest. My thought is that the SC court in Arizona won't tolerate this disclaimer clause and will not absolve Mesa (Go!) of its contractual responsibilities - if I'm forced to go that route.

In the meantime, while I pursue my legal remedies, I'm going to cause Go! as much governmental administrative headaches as possible - starting with the FAA.