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British Airways case gauge

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British Airways case gauge

Hi, is there an obvious reason for the bars on these, and other airline sizers ? Wouldn't it save a lot of trouble if they were boxes, if the case fits hey presto. I have read of some budget airlines that insist it doesn't fit the gauge, even when the case has been measured to fit the requirements. So how exacting are the bars ? A box surely would be the answer wouldn't it ? Myself, I am going to take my case to test the gauge before travel. I don't want any surprises !

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1. Re: British Airways case gauge

Ambersmum, I'm not sure re bars or box but, although I know that you are a first time flyer, I think you may be looking a little too deeply into this.

As long as you bag fits the required dimensions you will be fine....or are you still taking your Dunlop bag which may exceed the dimensions, despite the advice given to you on your other thread?

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2. Re: British Airways case gauge

Wouldn't it save a lot of trouble if they were boxes


No, because some dimwit would inevitably put one in with the handle facing down and then if it was a tight fit it would be a nightmare to get out.

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3. Re: British Airways case gauge

Oh no def not that one lol ! You are probably right about looking too deeply. Better to be safe...or I don't trust my tape...just curious about all things flying related I guess...

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4. Re: British Airways case gauge

You come over as being excited, nervous, anxious, curious etc and I can kind of understand that as you haven't flown before.

I love flying, to me it is part of my holiday and a fantastic way to get to new and exciting destinations. If it will make you feel better to go to the airport to check the gauge then go for it. While you are there have a look around, see the screens check out where security is, have a coffee and people watch for a while.

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5. Re: British Airways case gauge

I think if you spend too much time on this forum then, in addition to lots of good advice, you will also hear about virtually everything that could possibly go wrong. Few people come here to say 'good flight, no complications , nice airline'.

So don't worry, I am not a very frequent flyer, maybe half a dozen flights a year, some long haul, some short, different sizes of planes and airlines. I have been doing that for 30+ years and it has virtually all been entirely simple and uneventful. No lost luggage, no one ever rejected my hand luggage , no rows with check in staff or flight attendants or fellow passengers. Only one delay worth mentioning and that turned out OK.

I hope you really enjoy flying, as I do. Take the advice to ensure you are within the rules and turn up in plenty of time. All will be well, and it might even be fun. Have a great holiday .

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6. Re: British Airways case gauge

I don't recall BA having hand luggage bag gauges. I know that Easy jet etc have them but from my BA experiences if you can you force it in the locker then its OK. Maybe I only usually take a small carry on so I,be never encountered a gauge.

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7. Re: British Airways case gauge

I have to agree with the others, in the grand scheme of things, you are worrying too much about this. It's important to be prepared but I really think you have this one covered! Relax and spend this time researching your destination and fun things you're going to do! I am taking hand luggage only on our trip in May and if for some reason it has to be checked, there are a lot worse things that could happen! :)

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8. Re: British Airways case gauge

they do have gauges - next to the self-check in kiosks, and at the gate. but mostly, they just look at your bag and stick a label on it. ours are non-standard and would have trouble fitting the gauges, but are much, much smaller than the overall dimensions allowed. never attracted even a second glance.

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9. Re: British Airways case gauge

Ok , people watching over coffee, yep that's me ;)

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10. Re: British Airways case gauge

If your case is within the correct hand luggage measurements you'll have nothing to worry about, sometimes the soft trolleys don't fit in because even though they're the right size they fill them until they're bulging and then don't slit into the cage but as others have said I don't think BA have them.