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Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

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Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

I have just been told from a reliable source (AA pilot) that delays of over 3 hours can be expected by pax at immigration at international arrivals at Miami International-surely not.

Has anyone confirm this-my family are flying in this weekend for a pre-Easter break.

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1. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

That's nothing new. Long delays at MIA have been reported on here from (genuinely) reliable sources for more than a year. Bear in mind the US budget sequestration, that may have also an effect.

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2. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

3 hours? You mean they've shortened it?

MIA is the worst airport I've ever used, and I've been through it 40+ times from the UK in the last 15 years.

Last April it took 2 hours (yes, 2 hours) just to get through domestic security in gate d, and that was without having to clear immigration.

As always, don't delay when you get off the plane otherwise you'll be at the end of a long, long queue.

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3. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

I was near 2 hours getting through immigration last year at SFO!

Try and get a seat near the front so you are off quick and try to beat the main bulk of the plane in getting to the queues.

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4. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

The sequestration, anecdotally, does seem to have made it significantly worse. Don't ever recall reading about more than "only" 2 hours at MIA before.

General travelling populace caught up in a power struggle between US politicos.

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5. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

It has been like that the last two times I have been through in March.

First year we were fast tracked so we did not miss our connection.

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6. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

This thread was on this issue


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7. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

Your friend is correct, the delays have reached four hours to clear Immigration, its gotten so bad that American no longer offers escort service to its premium passengers. Oh and if you're making a connection choose your check point wisely, many folks are misconnecting due to lines trying to reclear security.

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8. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

What about going from domestic to international in MIA?

I'm wanting to book a ticket soon on AA - Key West to Cancun via Miami.

My preferred flight has a connection of 1.5 hours in MIA - would this be enough?

I'm used to going through customs/immigration OUTBOUND in Australia, but from memory this doesn't happen in the US.

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9. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

3 hours is normal for Miami.

Horrendous airport.

If you have a connection here you're in big trouble.

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10. Re: Immigration delays at MIA-3+ hours??

There is no customs outbound. Only security if your bags aren't checked through. Will you be coming back the same way?