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We have a situation. AA.

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We have a situation. AA.


We appreciate any suggestions.

We bought a package (air and hotel) thru American Vacations (AA) last november to go to Turks and Caicos, for DH and I. The trip is on mid May, 5 nights and we selected the Windsong. This is our first time in T&C.

I used AA because was the one airline with the least stops, living from my small city so it was more expensive at the time that is we drove to St Louis (2 hours away), bigger airport.

They called yesteday and said they will no longer fly from SPI to Dallas in the morning and we either had to go in the afternoon flight and stay overnight in Dallas or we had to drive to St Louis.

We paid in advance. They will not pay the hotel in Dallas or will not give us a voucher since we need to drive to ST louis the night before and pay gas and parking for the 5 days.

After talking to the supervisor they said that they could refund with no penalties (they started saying that if we cancel we had to pay penalty!!! imagine how upset I was). I checked and now the Windsong is like 800 dollars more for the total of 5 nights so if I cancel and buy the ir tickets somewhere else will be more expensive.

We paid total 3000 for the 2 of us, air and hotel.

I said I will need to think about it and call tomorrow.

Do I have the right to some options? Thanks for your opinions or comments.

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1. Re: We have a situation. AA.

You probably don't have any other realistic options. They have offered you a refund and rerouting within the best of their ability. It's definitely a fact of life out of small markets that you're going to have changes. I would just bite the bullet and pay for the hotel in Dallas so you don't incur additional parking fees.

Good luck.

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2. Re: We have a situation. AA.

Luckily, hotels in Dallas are incredibly cheap. Unfortunately this happens sometimes. It sucks, but those are the only options they're obligated to offer.

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3. Re: We have a situation. AA.

Thank you Tumble,

Yes but they have been using my 3000 for 4 months!

I will lose one day of my vacations, and the night of hotel in turks and caicos that I already paid!

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4. Re: We have a situation. AA.

Why would you lose a night? Wouldn't you fly to Dallas the night before?

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5. Re: We have a situation. AA.

We can not live the day before.

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6. Re: We have a situation. AA.

I would not stay overnight and lose a day's vacation. Do consider drving to St Louis and fly out from there, or can they check flight from either Bloomington or Peoria to Dallas? This may save you only 3o minutes of driving but the parking at these airports are free, not sure about STL

Good luck


Ask if you can get some credit for this, in miles driven from spi to STL. could be aa voucher or miles.

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7. Re: We have a situation. AA.

I don't really understand, possibly its due to my lack of knowledge of the geopgraphy, but you say St. Louis is only two hours away right?

Why can not just leave two hours earlier and go from St. Louis. Find the cheapest parking you can. You can't be looking at more than a couple of hundred bucks extra? Why do you have to go the night before, and not just two hours earlier?

I don't get what the big deal is?

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8. Re: We have a situation. AA.

Your agreement with AA is that they will get you from Springfield to Turks & Caicos. Even though they've switched the route which, if you go through Dallas will require an overnight, they are still providing that service, so they have no obligation to provide any more.

As others have suggested, if driving to St Louis and flying out from there is an option they will agree to, that's what I'd be doing.

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9. Re: We have a situation. AA.

Thank you for your comments, guys.



If the plane departs at 6:am and I have to be there 2 hours earlier (min) I have to live from my city at 2:00 am and probably get up at 12:30 or 1;00 am. It might not be a big deal for you but it is for me, after probably working late on Friday to leave evething ready at work.

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10. Re: We have a situation. AA.

I also would go the St.Louis route if i had to drive there early and i had to work late i do it,but if you dont want to do it its your decision.