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I don't eat meat - is there a choice on a flight to Dubai?

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1. Re: food

Without knowing the airline, who knows. Most airlines will allow you to pre-book special meals though.

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2. Re: food


As noted in #1, the airline plays a big part in this issue as they set what options they will offer.

However, as a baseline answer, most all carriers who do offer a special meal option, will have some form of a non-meat based entree option-- however exactly what that consists of will vary based on the airline, they catering agent used (if it's not done in-house) and the route you'll fly as some offerings are route-specific.

Do remember that for most carriers, if you do want a special meal, you've got to order it before departure-- that's usually 24hr before scheduled departure time-- after that time, most carriers can't or won't accept any requests.

Lastly, if your diet is such that a meat-based entree simply cannot be eaten by you, solely as a self-protection mechanism, I'd be sure to take with you (in your cabin bag) some small "something" on the side- just in case your properly ordered meal accidentally isn't or doesn't get boarded onto your flight, and/or what that special meals turns out to be, just isn't to your liking.

Travel Safe,

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3. Re: food

If you dont eat meat why would you want a choice?

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4. Re: food

It not only meat eaters who are allowed a choice! Why shouldnt a vegetarian or vegan be offered a choice?


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5. Re: food

I don't eat meat - is there a choice on a flight to Dubai?


I think you'll find there is more than one flight !!!

Look on your airline's web pages, most allow you to choose from a wide variety of "specialty" foods, eg different types of veggie different types of religious etc.

But the choice, if there is one, will be upfront, you choose/order before flying (and usually you need to give at least 48 hours notice). You wont be asked "ovo-vegetarian or hindu or pastafarian?", on the flight itself.

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6. Re: food

Why shouldnt a vegetarian or vegan be offered a choice?


Because there is no such thing as "a" vegetarian? You mentioned vagan but they could be Raw vegan, Fruitarian ,Sproutarian etc.

Its like the Anti Roman Freedom Fighters and the Freedom Fighters against Rome, etc from Life of Brian.

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7. Re: food

I shall be certain to get the correct type of vegan next time, I quite like the sound of a sproutarian, I probably wouldnt like the smell so much though!


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8. Re: food

Sproutarian sounds like it wouldn't be pleasant for the other travelling pax ;-)

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9. Re: food

If it's Emirates you can book the vegetarian option beforehand, it's usually pasta.

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10. Re: food

Have heard numerous arguments from passengers who do not order special meal, then think they can just request onboard. So make sure you pre order your meal. As suggested, all details should be on airlines website.