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Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

Burnaby, British...
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Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

I bought three tickets for a trip to Europe from Canada (leaving 7 weeks from now), and only realized after the fact that I had typed one person's name as "Doug" yet his passport says "Douglas". Because I used FlightHub, the airlines themselves claim to be unable to do a name change, and that I need to go through FlightHub.

I've read FlightHub's policy and they claim that they will try to assist but there is no guarantee they can, or that they will be able to refund the tickets so I can repurchase them.

I will be calling them when they open in the morning but I want to ask if anyone here has ever made this same mistake and been allowed through to their flights. I really do not want to have to book another $1200 ticket if I can avoid it, which I'm sure you can appreciate!

Doug is absolutely unambiguously the diminutive of Douglas so I'm hoping that if we can't get the name changed on the ticket, that he will still be able to board. I did not write "Douh" or "Doig" so in my opinion shouldn't lead to confusion, but I am aware of the policies stated about ticket names matching passport names.

Anyone able to reassure me or am I pretty much screwed?

Thank you!

Llandudno North...
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1. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

I use Dave all the time instead of David. Never had a single issue on any of the many many flights I ve been on.

But saying that, I do realise if there was an issue it would be my fault.

They literally only glance at your passport and boarding pass at the gate anyway

If you can have it changed free of charge do it otherwise I wouldn't worry. Common sense should prevail.

Doug - Douglas is pretty obvious.


Burnaby, British...
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2. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

Thanks Dave! (A fellow David here). That definitely helps alleviate some of my worry.

My greatest worry is that we're flying from Amsterdam to Chicago on our way to Vancouver and the US TSA would be way more strict than any others. We're not leaving the terminal and entering the USA because our next flight leaves an hour or two later but still...

We will be taking many other flights and also some trains within Europe so I would be sure that we kept all of the tickets (with his correct name!) to show them if there was a hold-up. I'm just afraid that might not be enough!

Llandudno North...
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3. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

I have travelled to the US as well as Israel (even worse for security) and not had any issues.

There are many people in Asian countries that have so many first and last names systems shorten it to something much smaller. So long as it is obviously the same person I'm sure it will be fine.

Ring the airline direct though, for something so obvious they often will change it for free anyway.


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4. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

I can't speak to the name issue but be aware that if you are flying back via ORD you will indeed be going through immigration/passport control when you land. You will then have to pick up your bags, go through customs and recheck them at the recheck desk before in all likelihood heading to another terminal for your next flight. You are technically entering the US.

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5. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

Even although you booked through flighthub it is the airline that will have to change the name on the ticket but call flighthub in the morning and see what they say.

Edinburgh, United...
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6. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

It's the sort of thing that I would expect you to get away with most of the time but that might cause problems if you run into an overzealous agent along the way.

Burnaby, British...
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7. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

Thanks for the responses everyone!

I called FlightHub and they couldn't change the name, but passed a note on to the two carriers for the flights. I called and checked with the airlines and they said that the note was indeed added.

Crises averted?

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8. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

My kid has a similar problem - I don't know what possessed her to do so, but her ticket to Italy reads Jane DoeMBA (she somehow got her degree in and it truncated her last name). My husband has a Phd and he (what is it with these academic types??) likes to be known as Dr James Doe on magazine subscriptions and airlines (pompous twit). So, his tix always printed out JamesDR Doe.

So...after kid's ticket printed - I called United and screeched to someone about that and got a "note" put in her file or whatever as it couldn't be changed. Not feeling really secure about all that - UAL says it's okay for them...but our codeshare with LH might cause some stir in Florence when we leave.

So Dave - your post is the first I've seen about a "note"...and hope, indeed, crisis is averted. Thanks.

Burnaby, British...
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9. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

Apparently the note made by FlightHub was incorrect. They put his middle initial as the wrong letter. They've now fixed the mistake in the note, and included his full middle name.

To be sure, they want me to pay $400 to cancel and reissue the ticket. I'm not sure if I should or if I'll be okay now that the note is complete (apparently the note info is what is sent to the TSA for screening)

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10. Re: Doug instead of Douglas on Ticket

The note you are talking about is an OSI: or SSR: field and it is a message sent to the airlines. It in no way assures that you will be fine. In the airline system I can put whatever OSI or SSR I want, but it doesn't mean the agent has to look at it or immigration will be notified.

On the other hand, I think you will be fine, but if it were me, I might pay the $400 to change it as you are going internationally and including the US, but that's just me. it would be much more costly to arrive and not be allowed to check in or to get stopped somewhere else.