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The sequester's impact on our local airport

Manhattan, KS
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The sequester's impact on our local airport

Due to budget cuts by our government, our local airport is on the list to have its control tower closed. The budget cuts are due to take effect on March 27th. On April 15th, my husband and I have tickets on British Airways to fly from here to Chicago and then Heathrow and then Amsterdam. I'm a little concerned that by then, our small airport will be closed or will operate on a severely limited schedule.

I called British Airways and the agent checked to see if there was a policy regarding this situation. As of the moment, there is nothing in place. However, the agent told me that British Airways would have something in the future.

I'm hoping that the budget situation will be quickly resolved but, just in case it isn't, does anyone know of a precedent for this situation? Do you think British Airways will automatically re-book us out of another airport?

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Your flight from the unnamed local airport to Chicago will not be on BA (although it's probably a code share with AA) as BA dont operate US domestic flights.

Might be better checking with AA to establish the policy.

London, England
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2. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Keep talking to BA so that when they do decide to switch people to another flight, you are one of the ones that get switched before the planes to Chicago fill up.

And check your travel insurance policy which may cover you if the flight is cancelled and cannot be re-booked.

Good point about the code share from TomC97, but the principle is the same, keep calling.

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Detroit, MI
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3. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Closing a tower does not mean the airport closes. Other nearby towers pick up the traffic control.

Ignore the fear mongering. It is being greatly exaggerated for political purposes.

Chiang Khong...
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4. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport


your only an hr drive from MCI

nothing will close that fast.

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5. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

KONZA....I'm so sorry to hear about the Manhattan airport! As a former Wildcat I enjoyed my flights to MHK from DFW. I hope your trip will go okay. Let us know how it went!

Rapid City, SD
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6. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Aircraft land and take off all the time at smaller airports without ATC in the tower. Some towers operating hours mean that there is no controller on duty for the entire day. Our local airport only has controllers on duty from 5:45 am - 10:00 pm but there are several flights that come in after 10:00 pm. Pilots are able to turn the landing lights on for approach from the cockpit by radio. Pilots then make an instrument approach . My husband has been a controller for over 30 years.

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7. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

They are talking about the same thing at small airports here. They say the pilots will talk to each other. I'm guessing that this is at airports with few enough flights for that to be feasible. I wonder if there's some sort of FAA regulation about number of flights before you can close the ATC tower.

Manhattan, KS
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8. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Thank you all for your comments. You have been very kind to take time to respond.

At this point, I guess I will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, our newspaper will publish more details about our airport as time goes by.

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9. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

I'm pleasantly surprised that small commercial airports still exist. My favorite ones are now all closed except for charters and private flights, not because of cuts, but because of the big unaffordable security fees that were new after 9/11. Budget cuts do not kill for-profit entities, high taxes and regulations kill them.

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Brooklyn, NY
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10. Re: The sequester's impact on our local airport

Well, you know who gets killed without safety regulations.