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British Airways first class amenites

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British Airways first class amenites

I'm flying to London in the fall and it will be my first (and probably last) time in a first class seat on BA. I see they give you lots of goodies I've never received in the peon section of the plane. Blanket, pajamas, slippers, headphones, amenity bag... Which of these items can you take with you and which do you have to leave on the plane? Don't want to get nabbed for taking a blanket that I was supposed to leave behind! Please help, don't want to look like a newby even though I am!

Cala d'Or, Spain
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1. Re: British Airways first class amenites

Why on earth would you want to take a blanket.

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2. Re: British Airways first class amenites

Why wouldn't I want to take a blanket if they want to give me one?

Vancouver, Canada
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3. Re: British Airways first class amenites

Crew hand out amenity kits; sadly the current iteration is in one of the most useless containers I've seen in a long time. The products are by Ren, very nice, and in the bag you'll also find an eyemask and socks. Slippers will be offered separately.

Crew will ask if you would like pyjamas. They tend to come in one size only and are really lightweight leggings and long sleeved T shirt, both a dark navy blue.

Headphones, pillows, blanket and duvet are to be left on board; the other items handed out are yours to keep.

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4. Re: British Airways first class amenites

Thanks! That's what I figured but I saw a pic online of a blanket wrapped in plastic given with the pajamas so wondered if you could keep that too.

I'm very much looking forward to the experience!

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5. Re: British Airways first class amenites


If you want the blanket, I suggest you ask the Chief Purser or FA in charge. It's not an overly unusual request as people do like to take things as souvenirs, etc.

Depending on BA's internal rules on the matter, they may be permitted to authorize it.. Some carriers do allow their crews to authorize such; under limited circumstances-- otherwise, they are to remain on the plane as company property.

Travel Safe,

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6. Re: British Airways first class amenites

Taking the blanket from the plane, is akin to taking the towels from your hotel room, I'm not sure why you would even want to either, and no they dont want to give it to you, thats not the plan, just as they dont want to give you the pillow, the headphones, the plates, the glasses, or the cutlery, but as gobpi says, you can always ask if you really, for some reason, want it.

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7. Re: British Airways first class amenites

The BA First blankets are just great although now "Cabin use" is now written on (white on grey!)... I guess too many people were taking them home. So if you are allowed to take one, go for it!

Pyjamas are meanwhile just average and useless to take home (but quite comfy to wear on board).

Amenity bag: as TP wrote, it really depends. I am under the impression the content is less and less attractive... Still nice.

First is a great experience. Now don't rise too much your expectation to be sure to enjoy it fully. Nothing is worse that expecting too much...

Enjoy your trip!

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8. Re: British Airways first class amenites

The pyjamas used to come in only 2 sizes - medium and large which meant that if you were a petite female even the medium swamped you. They now come in small as well which is much better.

Enjoy your flight.

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9. Re: British Airways first class amenites

The amenity kit is IMHO pretty rubbish - the bag itself is hard/fixed and inside are just a few creams and toothpaste - we binned ours having used it on-board.

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10. Re: British Airways first class amenites

As our Avios account has got to the stage where two first class long haul tickets are doable and with a major birthday later in the year, I thought the wife and I might indulge in some luxury travel for the first and possibly only time in our lives.

But a quick question, if flying as a couple, is the First Class cabin better than business class on say a 777? Looking at the seat layouts on Seatguru, the first class seem to be layed out for individuals and are angled such that carrying out a conversation between us doesn't appear to be possible.

I know the experience would be better in first, but as a shared experience, would we be better off in business class?