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BA First as a couple

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BA First as a couple

My wife and I are flying to Tokyo in a couple of weeks and have opted to use BA's new First cabin. When flying as a couple is it advantageous to take seats in the middle of the cabin, or are the suites still so far apart that you're not really with your partner?

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1. Re: BA First as a couple

Seats 1A and !K on the B747 or the middle seats togetther on the B777 are the best for a couple.

1A and 1K on the B747 are reserved for Gold card holders until 24hrs before departure.

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2. Re: BA First as a couple

And if you can't get 1A and 1K on a B747's then the middle seats.

Newcastle upon...
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3. Re: BA First as a couple

Cheers for the advice. Have reserved the middle seats in row 1 for our outbound to NRT as it's a route serviced by the 777 fleet.

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4. Re: BA First as a couple

My wife and I never opt for the middle seats in First and get window seats one in front of the other. There's more personal space in the windows (although admittedly in New First it is better than the old cabin) and we prefer window seats in general. If we want to chat we'll use the buddy seat, it's very comfortable now in New First and you can dine together too if you want (the novelty has rather worn off for us!). For us the window benefits outweigh the centre seat proximity but it's all personal choice.

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5. Re: BA First as a couple

OP2002 - you have cheered me up as we have been unable to get the middle seats for our upcoming first, first flight to Washington DC. We have chosen 2A and 3A instead. Hoping for the new first so we can have a chat using the buddy seat (which seems to have a bit more room than old first).

OP - think first class will be a great experience anyway. Enjoy!

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6. Re: BA First as a couple

Choices choices - we're doing the same trip in April (to Tokyo)... on balance, given that it is our first first and we want to enjoy it together and they are day flights,, we've opted for 2 E+F in each direction (there seemed to be some advice to avoid 1EF and 4EF in NF because of overhead lighting).

Would be interested in hearing how you get on!

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7. Re: BA First as a couple

We always opt for the windows in either new or old first, one behind the other.


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8. Re: BA First as a couple

I'm going to have to go with OP2002 on this - the first time I did do the 2 middle seats, but you really do miss out on a great window and a great view. If you're going all the way to Tokyo you're bound to sleep at some Point (unless you're me(!)) and unless you'll have already seen all the films then once you're watching them holding hands isn't comforable any ways... You can always dine together opposite one another.

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9. Re: BA First as a couple

Just when I thought we had it sorted!!!

I know what you are saying - if we were flying CW, I'd now pick us two window seats, rather than me being stuck with an aisle (though I'm not sure Mrs Al is all that fussed!).

Hmmm - my gut still says middle seats on the way out; may change to 2A/3A for return leg, though... and I guess if we want to change our minds after the outbound, it will be easier to change TO a middle pair than from them.

Thanks all.

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10. Re: BA First as a couple

On a 777 I prefer the middle pairs.

I find that the ottoman is slightly offset making you sit at an offset. Could just be me though and the optical illusion the pod in front creates...

Middle pairs I feel less claustrophobic in, rather then made to face the wall and look in a tappering pod. Grant you the window is nice, but I personally would forgo that for a more spacious feel of the middle seats.

Also having only been married for two years I still do like to look at my wife :p